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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Local Sports

Remembrance and performance: Jessica Fingers remembered as county kids excel

MONTICELLO-As the years come and go and younger athletes appear on the scene, oftentimes the performances and impact of former stars can fade from memory. But for those who remember the late Jessica Fingers, the 2009 Monticello graduate, Mayor's Cup ... read more

Top Stories

Growing the Route 17 corridor

By Patricio Robayo - staff writer

“Grow the Gateways,” a county initiative which wants to beautify the Route 17 corridor between Exits 104 to 107.
THOMPSON — Route 17 is the longest state route in New York at 397 miles. It's the second largest highway of any kind in the state with the first being the New York State Thruway. It served as the lifeline for the Borscht Belt era of the 50s, 60s, and 70s and it was once called the “Liberty Highway” that connected New York City to the Cleveland, Ohio.
Now using funds from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), a set of design guidelines were developed by The Sullivan County Division of Planning and Environmental Management (DPEM) for future redevelopment of our area. The plan focuses on the space between Exits 104 to 107, which stretches through the Town of Thompson and the Village of Monticello and includes the areas around the exits and the corridor between the exits. ...
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Mamakating Highway Department undergoing contract negotiations

By Rebeca C. Rivera - reporter/photographer

WURTSBORO - Many say that the hands of labor union workers built America, men and women who passionately devoted time and energy to making their communities better. And on Tuesday evening, Local 445 asked the town board of Mamakating to not forget ... read more

Latest News

Take a shows you where to go

By Patricio Robayo - staff writer

SULLIVAN — The premier website for hiking and walking in Sullivan County,, is updating and revamping their site to make it more user friendly and also raise awareness about more walking and hiking events this season.
Back in 2010, Sullivan County Division of Planning, Community ...
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‘Fresh air' for the kids

By Autumn Schanil - reporter/photographer
Although the Evans family has hosted international students before, this will be their first year hosting a student from New York City through the Fresh Air Fund, and they couldn't be more excited.

Have you ever been inside too long, stepped out the door, and taken a huge, deep breath of the fresh mountain air that surrounds you everyday?
Well, the children of New York City who participate in The Fresh Air Fund each year aim to do just ...
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