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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Local Sports

Tri-Valley's Jacob Yager has stellar summer playing sport he loves

GRAHAMSVILLE -- Seeing players matriculate to the next level and have success is one of the keys to USA baseball and you can't compensate for experience and baseball skills possessed by 16-year-old Tri-Valley Junior pitcher/third baseman Jacob ... read more

Top Stories

Expect heavy traffic; police checkpoints throughout weekend

By Isabel Braverman - staff writer

Troopers say traffic congestion is expected on Routes 17 and 17B in Sullivan County Thursday through Sunday.
BETHEL - At the Woodstock Festival in the summer of 1969, close to one million people from all around the country made their way to the Sullivan Catskills, but only 400,000 actually made it to the now iconic music festival billed as “three days of peace, love and music”.
According to an article in the Daily News published on August 16, 1969, traffic was stalled for 17 miles along Route 17B from White Lake to Monticello, and state police had to close Exit 104 on the New York State Thruway.
The article states, “'The situation is hopeless and getting worse,' said one state trooper, who was futilely trying to unclog the massive jams.”
Local officials are hoping those traffic woes won't repeat themselves as they prepare for the 50th anniversary of the “Aquarian Exposition” to be held ...
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County unveils new transportation system

By Patricio Robayo - staff writer

MONTICELLO — After a year of planning and discussion, Sullivan County has revealed its county-wide bus route dubbed, “Move Sullivan.”
With more than 17 stops across the middle part of the county, the Sullivan County Transportation Department ...
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Latest News

Alan Gerry looks back on legacy of Woodstock and Bethel Woods

By Matt Shortall  - editor

LIBERTY — It's hard to imagine what Sullivan County would look like if not for Alan Gerry. His life reads like a novel about coming to America, and it's a novel still being written.
The son of Russian immigrants, he turned a small storefront in Liberty into a billion dollar cable television ...
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Locals prepare for Woodstock weekend

By Sarah Clark - reporter/photographer
Woodstock Oasis owner Mark Moore (right) and his wife Marje as they stand in front of their business located on Route 17B in Bethel.

BETHEL — Glowing signs warn drivers about heavy traffic, tents are pitched at campsites across the county, and residents anxiously await Woodstock weekend. The golden anniversary preparations are complete, and now county officials, Bethel Woods ... read more

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