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Monday, July 6, 2020


Farrell Campaign Ad

Nov 7, 2019

To the editor:
I want to thank Jim Farrell. Until last week, I was undecided about which candidate I preferred in the race for County Judge. That is until I received in the mail what I considered to be a disgraceful and offensive ad from Mr. Farrell's campaign and that you featured on your front page in the November 1 edition.
I found the rhetoric used in that flyer and the clear ad-hominem attack on Judge Dolan to be symptomatic of the unfortunate, charged, and divisive rhetoric that seems all too common in political life today. Such rhetoric does much to separate us from one another as citizens and instead creates an “us and them” mentality that is corrosive to civic discourse, toxic to our community, and as you pointed out, possibly illegal.
Given the stark challenges we face today as a community and as a nation, I think Mr. Farrell should be more careful with his words and he, like all other political figures, should instead be working harder to bring us all together rather than to push us further and further apart. Enough is enough.
Whether or not she succeeded on November 5th, Judge Dolan got my vote, and that ad made my choice an easy one to make.

Charley Trowbridge

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