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Thursday, August 22, 2019


Regarding the railroad siding in Callicon

Mar 3, 2015

Editor's note: The following was submitted to the Town of Delaware Town Board.
To the editor:
NY Susquehanna & Western Railway (NYS&W) announced they're planning on removing the Callicoon siding without giving consideration to how detrimental this action is to this community and repercussions in the future. This siding is an important and unused asset in Sullivan County.
The New York & Greenwood Lake Railway (parent company of Callicoon Brewing Company) has made an offer to the Norfolk Southern Railway, owner of the track, for the purchase of the rail siding in Callicoon.
The New York & Greenwood Lake Railway plans on using the siding to display its collection of historic railcars. The cars are an attraction which will bring more tourism to the area. The cars have also been used in movies, TV shows and commercials and the possibility for the cars to be utilized as film sets in Callicon is very good. These cars can also be used by community organizations for meetings and fundraisers. In the past, these cars have been used numerous times for local charities, political fundraisers for both local politicians and United States congressmen and senators.
The removal of the siding will not provide any additional parking spaces. This is due to the fact that a barrier will have to be constructed to keep vehicles from getting too close to the live track, thus resulting in a gain of only a few feet.
New York and Greenwood Lake will construct a transload dock down the track at the end of Creamery Road in order for local businesses to transload commonalities from truck to train. Several local businesses (agricultural and lumber) have already expressed interest in using this service.
New York & Greenwood Lake requests the support of the town to purchase and restore this piece of track.

Jim Wilson

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