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Monday, July 6, 2020


Google is the new Visitors' Center

Nov 6, 2019

To the editor:
It's almost 2020. No one stops at a “visitors' center” except to use a restroom, walk their dog and that's only if it's very convenient. No one needs to get brochures to learn what's offered in a region any longer as the vast majority of people that have the disposable income to actually be called a “visitor” use Google on their phone in their pocket for everything when traveling.
We're spending a fortune for the lot and construction, taking this off the tax-roll, staff it, heat, insure, maintain, plow, spend endless money. How about just budget a minor percentage of this insane $5 million waste on search engine optimization and Google ad-words to snare visitors as that's how people get information, come into this century.
It's not 1980. If you're actually going through with this monumental waste of a boondoggle, make sure to leave room for the Blockbuster, a parking lot Foto-Mat, Toys-R-Us kiosk and maybe livery stable parking.

Mike Taylor

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