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Tuesday, December 10, 2019


Good Old Days

To the editor:
An open letter to Rebekah Creshkoff who criticizes Denise Connolly (Dec. 3) for loving the “old America.”
She probably misses the patriotism of WWII and 9/11, respect for the flag, National Anthem & the Pledge, respect for law and order, wholesome sitcoms like Father Knows Best and The Waltons, lack of mass shootings, lack of drug abuse.
She missed the laws against abortion on demand up to and in some cases after the birth of the baby. She missed the common decency of years ago.
She longs for the innocence of the past.
It wasn't always perfect but in many cases, better than the sins of the present.

Fred Niessen
Pleasant Valley

Act of Kindness

To the editor:
Today my husband & I were the grateful recipients of a Random Act of Kindness. We went to have lunch at Pizza the Rock & were informed by the person in charge that a couple who had been sitting across from us, who we had no contact with, had paid our bill as they left. It was shocking but of course very exciting. With all that is going on in our country now with our President and the stress of the situation, it was wonderful to be in touch with such goodness.
There continues to be this feeling that those who see that our Constitution and our way of life are in danger by the actions of this President, are in some way ‘bad' people who are out to get him. No, we love our country and, want to protect it so that we don't wind up like the people of Hong Kong, having our lives in total chaos because we need to be protesting to protect our democratic life style.
Why aren't the people who love Trump aware of the dangers of Russia? I grew up with the total understanding of what that country was about & as far as I'm concerned, they are still the same, maybe worse; still out to get us and make themselves the dominant country in the world. People that are in denial that Russia interfered with and will again be trying to interfere with our elections, remind me of the people who refused to believe that Bush lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction and held onto that belief as being the truth for years after it was a fact that there were none.
I want to thank the couple who performed their random act of kindness, and to urge all people to think about the meaning of such acts. No matter what your belief, we need to be treating each other with more kindness.

Pamela Zaitchick
Glen Wild

Best money spent

To the editor:
In an era where many communities find themselves starved of local reporting as newspapers decline, suffering from the negative consequences of the inability to hold power to account and unable to celebrate/acknowledge all the day to day actions and accomplishments of its citizens, students, volunteers and athletes, we are blessed indeed to have multiple newspapers out there muck-racking and covering the myriad of actions and events that make up a community - be it government, scholastic, business or non-profit, be it good, bad, or ugly.
A community without a newspaper strains the community, and far too many communities are left to fill that void with national news that means little to each of us on a daily basis, if at all.
To all the publishers, editors, copywriters, opinion writers and gum-shoe reporters, thank you. I know it's the best couple of dollars I spend each week.

Chuck Petersheim
Catskill Farms

Separation of Christmas and State (and Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward All!)

To the editor:
I was dismayed to read the piece by Ed Townsend in “Here and There Beyond the News” in the December 3rd issue. As a member of this community, and a citizen of a nation with a proud if spurious claim of “separation of church and state,” the assertion that public communities (built of public tax-payer funds, Christian and non-Christian alike) should display the nativity scene and celebrate solely the Christmas holiday, showed a lack of empathy and welcome that is so necessary in our current world (and is especially valued this time of year).
As Americans, Mr. Townsend asserts that we can celebrate whatever holiday we desire; he then goes on to assert that people should say “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays,” despite the fact that many people do not celebrate Christmas. Arguing for inclusion only to increase support for one's own side is a very clever yet detrimental game. Of course one may say what one likes—yes, say “Merry Christmas” if it brings you joy—flaunt your glittery Christmas sweaters, sing Bing Crosby until the reindeer come home! But, to say that public communities should spend public monies displaying one religion only on public property is not only unequal, it erodes the respect for difference that has made this nation so successful.
I find the lack of respect and warm welcome to be endemic of much of the societal conflict of today. It seems to me that Mr. Townsend would only like to embrace others if their ideas happen to exactly reflect his own, and all others should just get a lump of coal for the holidays.

Samara Ferris

On your way

To the editor:
Santa you're soon coming
Behind Thanksgiving Day
A little far don't have a car
But will be on your way
Dress up nice and freely
Bag upon your back
Notebook with all your kiddies
You'll soon begin to track
The X-Mas trees are waiting
Fill up down below
Can I ask you something Santa
Which way will you go
Wow - on your way you make our day
I'll gobble up my turkey
Super fine you're not in line
All excited feeling perky

Catherine LoBosco

The bad old days

To the editor:
This is an open letter to Denise Connolly, who recently wrote in these pages that she intends to vote for Trump again because she loves “the OLD America that he is trying to bring us back to.” She continues, “I hate the America the Democrats, ‘liberals' and leftists are turning this country into.”
Which makes me curious. Just what is it about the old America that you long for? Is it a solidly majority-white population? Polluted air and water? People who have to live a lie every single day of their lives because they love people of the same gender or feel imprisoned in a body of the wrong sex?
Perhaps it is weaker protections for workers, consumers and the environment that you yearn for. Or maybe you mean socially sanctioned sexism and discrimination against those who aren't white or Christian. Or is it legalized segregation and women dying from unsafe abortions that you miss?
Like it or not, societies change over time. The tide of history sweeps away the culture and mores of one's gauzily recalled youth, and there is no returning to them. Thank God.

Rebekah Creshkoff

What I'm thankful for

To the editor:
I recently had to have extensive back surgery and we had to go into NYC. I knew from day one though that if they decided I also needed post op physical and occupational therapy, Grover Hermann, my local hometown hospital, was where I wanted to go.
I didn't realize the magnitude of that decision until after being there 2 weeks, getting all of the services that I needed, and on the morning I was to be discharged, I spiked a fever. It wasn't all that high at first, 100.9, but that was enough for the nurses on staff that morning, Lee Ann, Tom and Tina, to go into what I like to call “Nurse Ninja Mode”. They worked like a fine oiled machine, drawing blood, making calls to NYC, getting me ready for anything that was to come.
I had to go back to NYC by ambulance because of the possible complications but thanks to them we flew through it all and everything is healing fine.
I chose them at first because I know they are exceptional, from the ladies in food service, to the friendly fella who draws blood, to the incredible OT and PT staff and, of course, the nursing staff and management team, all of them, outstanding.
They literally saved my life.

Forever grateful,
Mrs. Faith Metzinger

Mrs. Faith Metzinger

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