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Saturday, April 20, 2019


Dairy Farmers of America - A call to Action!

To the editor:
Thanks to Sen. Metzger for facilitating a meeting between dairy farmers and Sen. Schumer today at the Dave Weiss farm. Dairy farmers from Sullivan and Delaware County appealed to the U.S. Senator from NY to work with his colleagues in Washington, Republicans and Democrats, to take immediate measures to prevent the loss of even more dairy farmers! The Senator praised what we do as farmers and said he was here “to listen to us” about the problems facing our industry and what we thought Congress could do to correct them. Topics included milk prices(and how the price of milk is federally regulated), trade with other countries and how it directly impacts dairy farms, the new Farm Bill (that has yet to be implemented), as well as other priorities that need to be addressed immediately!
There are many more things to be discussed and considered by Congress! Including but not limited to;
1. Immediately setting a floor price for milk at $20/cwt
2. Implementation of a supply management system, limiting production
3. Immediately allow Congressional hearings for dairy farmers to “testify” directly before the men and women who can be directly responsible for amending present policy
The dairy farmers are in the fifth consecutive year of receiving a price for their milk that is below their cost of production! No other industry or business could possibly sustain their operations with similar circumstances! As I have mentioned previously, the dairy industry in this country, particularly the small to mid-size family farms, are in the midst of a true catastrophe and if efforts to correct this are not implemented very soon, the result will be NO small farms!
In my opinion, and I think it is an opinion shared by many farmers, it is a shame that a type of safety net included in the Farm Bill, also thought of as a type of insurance that comes at a price, would be necessary for our farmers to be able to pay their bills! I know of no processors that are experiencing financial difficulties, just the opposite, larger net profits year after year! I have been told by several sources, however I have not been able to confirm, that the CEO of DFA (Dairy Farmers of America), Rick Smith, has an annual salary in excess of $4 million!! If true how OUTRAGEOUS!!
The REAL dairy farmers of America, the less than one percent of the population of our GREAT country, that produce the safest food supply for not only our country but for many other less fortunate ones, are the ones that should be compensated justly, not the CEO of the largest farmer owned cooperative in the nation!
I hope the Senator and his colleagues can hear our desperation and take that message back to Washington.
We must partner to actually do something to improve this necessary way of life! Politics have NO place in this national crisis!

Thomas R. Bose

Ready to work together

To the editor:
Thank you for pointing out the need to have open dialogue among business and community members of Rock Hill. We couldn't agree more.
Our group opposes the location of the cell tower, but supports the need for better cell service — our objection has been a lack of transparency about the timing and process and, had we not pleaded, a lack of opportunity to work toward a mutually agreeable solution that would not sacrifice one of the most beautiful sunsets you can imagine.
We, as Rock Hill property owners, come to our lake for peace and tranquility and we carefully manage impacts to our nearly 100 year old lake environment (for example, there are no gas motor boats allowed, we need permission to cut down trees, we have rules about dock dimensions, etc.).
Unfortunately, those with adjacent property to the proposed cell tower site were notified just prior to a planning board hearing, during our “off-season,” when our Board of Directors and many of our home owners were away. On top of that, the property for the proposed site is owned by the Town of Thompson Supervisor, who had plenty of time to be in communication with our community (through our Board of Directors and at our annual community meeting), yet did not open dialogue with us.
We have felt backed into a corner with limited options until we collectively spoke up and raised legitimate opposition to the current plan. We 100% want to work together to find a cell service solution, but are aligned to continue our opposition if cooperation isn't tenable. The cell tower should be located in a non-residential area or a location that minimizes residential impact — not in clear and obstructive view of an entire community that covets the nature we (and those before us) have worked hard to preserve.
Note: I am a descendant of the Lord family, for whom the lake/reservoir was named over a century ago.

Judy King
Wanaksink Lake

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