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Monday, October 21, 2019


Clarification on concerns

To the editor:
At a recent Town of Highland Board meeting a citizen voiced concerns about 911 building address identification. I would like to take this opportunity to address his concerns and clarify our town's requirements.
In the Town of Highland, under our zoning (Chapter 36), the numbering of buildings is required. The characters on the sign must be between 3”-6” in height on a reflective background and the sign itself is to be between 3' and 6' above the ground to prevent snow from obscuring the numbers. This requirement is to aid the Fire Department, Ambulance Corps and Law Enforcement in locating you in the case of emergency.
Residents can obtain compliant address signs sponsored by the American Legion Ambulance Corps simply by completing a form available at Town Hall and sending in a $20.00 fee to cover its fabrication and mailing.
On another subject, Daylight Savings time ends on November 3. As we move into the heating season, everyone is reminded to change any batteries in their smoke detectors! I would suggest that this year residents consider upgrading their smoke detection devices. Everyone should be aware that according to New York State Law, any building that contains a device that could emit carbon monoxide or has an attached garage is required to have a carbon monoxide detector.
There are many new options available for both hardwired and battery powered smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Many are available that interconnect wirelessly with any activated detector sounding all alarms within a building. Any local hardware retailer will be able to discuss your situation and present options.

Dave Preston
Town of Highland

Support Andy Hahn

To the editor:
Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address stated that “government of the people, by the people and for the people will not perish from the earth”.
A government of the people, by the people and for the people should include open communication of ideas and concerns, and be conducted with honesty, integrity, respect and transparency. We know these may be difficult concepts to understand in this day and age, but it is what we, the taxpayers of the Town of Callicoon deserve.
It's time for a change in Town of Callicoon government and we believe Andy Hahn can lead that change.
Andy is a lifelong Jeffersonville resident, a hardworking farmer and entrepreneur, who with his family produces all-natural, farm fresh products sold at local farmers markets in Sullivan and Orange counties.
Andy has lived his life with honesty and integrity, and we believe he will truly represent the people of the Town of Callicoon with those values. He will listen to concerns and advocate for the change we need.
We support Andy Hahn in his run for Town of Callicoon Council and hope you will too.

Rhonda and Jack Decker

Vote for Nadia Rajsz

To the editor:
In our mixed marriage household (one registered Republican, one registered Democrat) we rarely agree on anything political, but occasionally a candidate comes along with qualities we both admire regardless of party line.
Nadia Rajsz, the incumbent Sullivan County Legislator for District 2, is one such candidate.
A longtime Democrat, Nadia's willingness to consider the best solutions to the problems facing our towns and county regardless of political considerations has earned her the respect and endorsement of not just her own Democratic party, but for the past two Legislative elections, that of the Republican party, as well.
And contrary to the claims being made by her opponent, Nadia has been active and accessible in her nearly four years as Legislator, attending many different Town Board meetings, and has been a strong voice on the county level for the entire District, including the river towns, whose issues and concerns have otherwise mostly been overlooked or ignored.
In fact, many voters will remember that when she was in office, Nadia's opponent, along with her District 1 cohort, spearheaded the gerrymandering of the Legislative districts during the last redistricting process, seriously weakening the voice of the river towns.
Meanwhile, in her very first term, Nadia worked to secure funding for the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway, promoting tourism and improving the economy of the region; facilitated the clean-up along the Byway and the Delaware River accesses by the County's Green Team; and leads the fight on the County level to address the toxic Barnes Landfill, a ticking environmental time bomb that has been ignored for decades. And Nadia can find her way - without a map or getting lost - to significant historic attractions that happen to be in her district: Roebling's Delaware Aqueduct and the Minisink Battleground Park.
When you think about it, there is really nothing to think about: Nadia Rajsz is the only logical choice for District 2 Legislator.
We both strongly recommend a vote for Nadia Rajsz for District 2 Legislator on Election Day.

Debra and John Conway

Geo vs Lou in District 5

To the editor:
If voters in District 5 base their decision on which Legislative candidate to vote for on how many lawn signs each candidate has displayed, then George “Geo” Conklin may as well concede right now! We all know that a race for a political office as important as County Legislator shouldn't be determined by the number or size of lawn signs or any advertising for that matter. What should determine the winner is the name on those signs and the qualities and experience he or she can bring to that particular office!
George Conklin is a lifelong resident of the District in the town of Fremont. George has spent the last 30 years as a self-employed carpenter. His opponent was a longtime union County employee. George is a graduate of the former Delaware Valley Central School. George has been a volunteer firefighter and EMS provider for 32 years, 20 of those years as member and past chief of the North Branch FD and 12 years as a member and assistant chief of the Hankins-Fremont FD. George was a NYS certified EMT for 15 years with 12 years as an active captain/President with Upper Delaware Volunteer Ambulance Corps. His opponent was a longtime union County employee. Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with being a union County employee, certainly not! In fact I have many friends who are. I have met Lou Setren on several occasions and he is a polite, soft spoken gentleman. He has told some people that if elected he would be in favor of the County sharing revenue with the Towns. I find that a bit ironic because for the last 4 years the County unions, including their labor representative Jerry Ebert, have been the loudest opponents of revenue sharing!
George Conklin has been serving his community for most of his adult life, including the past 16 years as a member of Fremont's Town Board, the last 8 as Supervisor. While George has been formulating responsible budgets and negotiating contracts his opponent has been, a longtime union County employee. While George Conklin has worked hard with the Supervisors Association to propose a fair and equitable revenue sharing plan, his opponent has been, a longtime union County employee.
While his opponent is a nice guy, and he certainly has a lot of signs, George Conklin has the experience necessary to serve from day one if elected. Please join me and help elect George Conklin, Legislator in District 5.

Thomas R. Bose
Town of Callicoon

Support Mike Brooks for District 3 Legislator

To the editor:
Having known Mike Brooks for over twenty five years, it comes without hesitation that I wholeheartedly support Mike to represent my district, District 3, as Sullivan County Legislator.
Mike has lived in Sullivan County most of his life and wants to see Sullivan County continue its growth with a planned vision for keeping our County safe, improving health and well being, and keeping taxes in check.
Mike will be open to ideas, suggestions and will listen to his constituents' concerns. Mike is an independent thinker who is compassionate, trustworthy and caring.
He has a long history of public service. Mike is currently a Councilman for the Town of Neversink. He is also a past member of the Neversink planning board, served several years on the Tri-Valley School board, both as a member and as President.
Mike understands the challenges small business owners face in our County. He and his wife, Donna, owned and operated the Brooks Chestnut Woods restaurant for years.
They were the recipients of the Town of Neversink Sullivan County Pride Award. He has also coached boys little league baseball and girls softball. Mike has and will continue to be a positive and effective leader for the people in District 3 and Sullivan County.
Please join me and come out and vote for Mike Brooks on Tuesday, November 5 as our next Legislator for District 3!!
Thank you.

Greg J. Goldstein

What can we do?

To the editor:
New York State Electric & Gas serves Sullivan and surrounding counties, some of the poorest in the state: For Sullivan, Delaware, Otsego and Chenango counties, poverty rates range between 13-16% of the population. Still, NYSEG has proposed a 23% electric rate hike - that would add an average of about $10 per month to our bills.
While the proposed gas increase is modest, NYSEG has hidden new pipelines in its plans. If approved, we'll pay for those over 80 years. New legislation, the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act of 2019, mandates reducing emissions of heat-trapping, greenhouse gases by reducing gas consumption. Any new gas infrastructure is likely to become obsolete and a financial loss.
NYSEG is owned by the Spanish corporation Avangrid, and they want to close walk-in offices to save money. But in Sullivan County, 18% of residents have no computer, 24% have no broad band access, and many don't have cell-phone service. If offices close, residents without communication technologies will have no customer service; this particularly hurts elderly and low-income residents.
NYSEG has proposed a punitive $20-per-month fee to opt out of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). NYSEG will ultimately save money with smart metering, so customers should not pay for it. NYSEG saved money by deferring years'-worth of maintenance and line upgrades across its grid. While NYSEG plans to clear vegetation from power lines customers ask: What did NYSEG do with dollars collected for that purpose for the last decade?
New state law, passed by our legislature and signed by our governor, means New York must move to a carbon-free power system in the next few decades, starting today. Incentives for home-envelope upgrades and air-source heat pumps must be used to cut fossil-fuel use. Utilities must upgrade their grids to support renewable energy generation.
In most places, NYSEG's antiquated electric grid does not allow for solar farm connection, effectively blocking the move to environmentally beneficial electrification. NYSEG shows no plans to upgrade its grid. Owned by a foreign corporation, NYSEG is a monopoly and shows indifference to its customers' needs, the environment, and state law. NYSEG seems not interested in creating a sustainable future for our children.
What can we do? We are represented by our state Department of Public Service (DPS) and Public Service Commission (PSC): Their mission is to advocate for the public and our environment in utility rate decisions. The PSC can restrain business decisions and rate case proposals that are detrimental to New Yorkers and our environment.
Please, email your thoughts to the DPS at or write to Administrative Law Judge Dakin Lecakes, Public Service Commission, Building 3, Empire State Plaza, Albany, New York 12223-1350.

Linda Reik

Pay close attention

To the editor:
Excellent “Here & There Beyond the News” by Ed Townsend in the Sullivan County Democrat October 15, 2019.
Pay very close attention when government shuts down your free speech, when words (especially those found in legal terms) that have been used for hundreds of years are all of a sudden found to be “offensive” and American citizens cannot utter those words anymore and in fact, will be fined and/or imprisoned for doing so!
ILLEGAL ALIEN remains in my vocabulary.

Denise Connolly

Michael Brooks for District 3 Legislator

To the editor:
Every so often a political candidate comes along who stands out for the exceptional qualities he or she possesses. In my opinion, Michael Brooks, Republican, Conservative and Independence candidate for Sullivan County Legislator from District 3 is one such candidate.
I know, as many of you do as well, that Mike combines the integrity, commitment and experience that will make him an ideal legislator. He listens.
Mike's commitment to public service has been evident since his days as a little league and softball league coach, and in his years of service on the Neversink Planning Board.
In addition, Mike served on the Tri-Valley school board for 12 years, including four years as president, and on the Neversink Town Board for the past four years. During that time he has consistently shown the willingness to not only listen to all possible solutions to a problem, but weigh them all before coming up with the best, regardless of where it comes from. This hard-earned experience of working with others is indispensable and will prove a valuable asset as a County Legislator.
In sum, Michael Brooks is the sensible choice for District 3 Legislator. Please join me in supporting him on Election Day.

Daniel L. Briggs
Fremont Center

Giving back to the community

To the editor:
According to a Go Fund Me site organized by Andy Hahn, candidate for Town Council in Callicoon, the candidate makes the claim that he wants “to give back to the community”! If this were truly the reason - I admit it always sounds noble and community minded especially when running for a political office - then why did he and his wife thwart a project the Town proposed that would have saved the taxpayers thousands of dollars annually? An agreement reached with a local energy supplier would have done just that!
In return for allowing the energy provider to locate a single propane storage tank at the Town Barn location, (a tank similar to the one located for years on Rte. 52 in White Sulphur Springs), the Town would have received free of charge a new high efficiency gas heating system, including installation and free annual maintenance, at the Town Hall. In addition, all of the propane necessary to heat the Town Hall and up to 2500 gallons annually to heat the Town's Highway building would have been supplied at no cost to the Town!
As many of you know the Town of Callicoon has heated the highway building with the use of an outdoor wood burning boiler since 2012, saving the Town approximately nine thousand dollars annually! Not one gallon of oil or gas has been burned during this time! At a recent Town Board meeting the Hahn's proclaimed that it was “childish” that the Highway Superintendent had to put wood in the stove and that the Town should “just write the check” (to purchase the heating fuel)!
When asked at that same meeting why they opposed this seemingly great cost saving measure, the Hahn's refused to respond with a valid answer. After retaining local attorney Ken Klein as their counsel, the Hahn's initiated an Article 78 proceeding preventing the Town from moving forward with the agreement with the energy provider. Admittedly, several procedural errors were made during the permitting/planning process but they could have been easily corrected and the lease agreement would have been approved.
Instead of working with the Town's Planning Board and Town Board to help make this cost saving measure a reality, the Hahns chose to commence a legal proceeding that instead cost the Town, and the taxpayers, thousands of dollars in legal fees. Does this sound like someone who “wants to give back to the community”?
As this is all public knowledge and not hearsay. If you want to find out more, please attend any Town Board meeting. They are held the second Monday at 7:30 p.m. each month at the Town Hall in Jeffersonville.

Tom Bose

The Democratic Process is Alive and Well in Phillipsport

To the editor:
In keeping with a half century tradition on Sunday, October 6th, the Phillipsport Community Center held a “Meet and Greet the Candidates” event. It was very well attended, and all of the candidates for Town Supervisor, Highway Superintendent, Council seats in Wards 2 and 3, and County Legislator District 4 were in attendance. We'd like to thank our chairman of the event, Bill Lucas, for a wonderful job of organizing and moderating the event. Bill laid the ground rules and set the tone. In light of today's super partisan and charged political atmosphere, the audience and candidates conducted themselves in a thoughtful and respectful manner.
We are glad all the candidates came to our historic one room schoolhouse on the northwest end of Mamakating and had a chance to see how engaged and informed our membership is. We wish everyone luck on election day. To those who take the reins of our wonderful town, we offer to help in your, and in essence our, success. Our members are serving or have served on the Town Council, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, Master Plan Review Committee, Ethics Board, the Local Development Corporation, Sullivan County Human Rights Commission and Sullivan County Charter Review, as well as volunteer organizations throughout the town. We hope to continue to be working partners in the growth and future of the Town of Mamakating.

Andrew B Weil

Thank you Fresh Air hosts and volunteers

To the editor:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Fresh Air host families and volunteer leaders the Hudson Highlands Region. Because of their dedication and commitment, thousands of children from New York City's low-income communities participated in our Friendly Towns volunteer host family program this summer.
I am inspired by the heartfelt stories shared by hosts who welcome our children into their homes and community, and the joy and growth it brings to everyone. For over 140 years, The Fresh Air Fund has brought people together. Children make new friends and forge relationships that can last a lifetime. We've learned that after staying with a host family children are more confident and more comfortable meeting new and different people. Children tell me about their excitement to return to visit with a host family and all the activities ahead.
Our programs would not be possible without the generosity of our Fresh Air host families, supporters, and volunteers in the Hudson Highlands Region. Our local volunteers, many of whom are also hosts, interview prospective host families, help recruit new families and plan special activities. I would also like to thank the individuals and local businesses who give their time and resources to ensure The Fresh Air Fund's Friendly Towns Program in the Hudson Highlands Region is such a success each year.
The Fresh Air Fund, an independent, not-for-profit agency, has provided free summer experiences to more than 1.8 million New York City children from low-income communities since 1877. Each summer, thousands of children visit volunteer host families along the East Coast and Southern Canada.
Please contact Vikki Siciliano at 845-427-1014 or visit to learn more about hosting a child through The Fresh Air Fund.

Fatima Shama

Response to Steinberg

To the Editor and the Sullivan County voting public:
Recently this newspaper published a letter to the editor by former Monticello Superintendent of Public Works, James Steinberg, questioning my fitness for office. The letter, intended to damage my reputation and candidacy for the office of County Clerk is based on a legal complaint he filed against me with the Sheriff's office after a village of Monticello meeting during the time I was Village Manager. What Mr. Steinberg and the Democrat failed to tell you, was the complaint filed by Steinberg alleging that we had words and a minor physical altercation, was looked into by both the offices of the Sheriff and the District attorney; 24 hours after filing the complaint, he withdrew it. Furthermore, immediately thereafter, he agreed to take the remainder of his sick days and relinquish his position with the Village.
Neither I nor the people supporting my candidacy will engage in this ugly form of innuendo and smearing and question my opponents temperament for office, as has been done to me repeatedly in this newspaper. Instead, my team and supporters remain focused on a necessary and positive message regarding my 16 years of distinguished public service and leadership - elected and appointed - and the many ways I will usher the Clerks office into a well functioning, stream-lined, 21st century, user friendly and profitable operation.
Political hatchet jobs should not be tolerated by the press or voters. May the more qualified candidate win.

David Sager

Keep Kuebler and Hubert in Callicoon

To the editor:
If you ask any successful business person what their secret(s) for success are, most will tell you it is largely due to the people they are associated with. Employees, department heads, partners, etc..The same can be said about successful governing boards, yes even Municipal Boards can, in my opinion, be considered successful.
The Town of Callicoon is fortunate to have a Town Board that has been consistently financially responsible as well as continually trying to improve quality of life for all residents of the Town. These two issues along with public safety are always a priority in our decision making process.
Dave Kuebler has been Deputy Supervisor every one of the ten years that I have served the Town as Supervisor. He has not only fulfilled the duties of the Supervisor's Office in my absence, but he has always been involved in the daily activities of the office as well. Dave Kuebler is dependable, reliable, and continues to work hard toward the success of the Town.
Chris Hubert, one of the youngest members of the Town Board, was unanimously appointed by the Board to fill the unexpired term of long time, well respected Councilman Howard Fuchs, who retired last year. Chris Hubert has been an excellent addition to the Town Board. His conservative, family-first values are truly remarkable. He is a career educator who is genuinely and passionately concerned for the future of his students. He is currently pursuing state education funding to enhance the Town's Joint Youth Program. Chris Hubert has not only brought his youth to the Town Board but also some fresh new ideas.
Please allow the Town Board to continue to work hard for you, the residents and business owners of the Town of Callicoon. Please vote on Nov. 5 to elect Chris Hubert and re-elect Dave Kuebler to the position of Councilman.

Thomas R. Bose

All for the rich

To the editor:
Approximately one week ago I read the very large article inside the Sullivan County Democrat titled, ‘Inside the La Belle Farm' in North Branch, a barn which is used to house over 12,000 ducks. These ducks are brought from Canada at one day old and kept together for two weeks. At 12 weeks old are placed in the lower level and begin feeding off of feeders that are raised off the ground.
This was explained so the ducks get used to being fed with their heads up. A worker then grabs the duck by the beak and plunges a six inch long plastic tube down its throat, within seconds the compressor forces down the feed.
The worker repeats the process with all ducks. Once the ducks reach 105 days old, they are slaughtered. Our assembly woman witnessed this whole procedure for foie gra and said, “I did watch the process, I certainly love animals, and I wasn't offended by it.”
I am sorry, I love animals and believe no living creature should be subjected any agony for factory farming. The pains suffered by these ducks are horrible. Thank goodness they were slaughtered, no more pain. YES I AM OFFENDED. This all for the rich New Yorkers to dine. Chicago and California banned the sale of foie gras.

Ann Culligan

Country over party

To the editor:
We should have known from the beginning, anyone walking around under that absurd coiffure is clearly impervious to good advice. Alas, his desire to be popular could not trump money, and what money wants is not popular.
If political bias eliminates one's credibility, as Trump has repeatedly alleged against the FBI, CIA, judges, Congress, the media, the whistleblower, etc., is he not himself uniquely disqualified, being the most vicious partisan ever? His behavior is simply unacceptable.
Also, he just survived years of investigation for colluding with Russia in 2016, barely skates with help from his Attorney General, and then immediately commits the same crime again? Country over party should be bipartisan.
Trump is vile and will be an embarrassing stain on our country for generations. But his ilk has been buying government influence for a long time. Corruption is destroying us. If only someone had a plan for that…

Jennifer Young

Sager for County Clerk

To the editor:
One thing I cannot stand in politics is the constant battle of one up on the other. For me, I believe totally in the real man (or woman) who will help our community. Not one out there to better their businesses or selves for that matter.
David Sager - He is most certainly a personable person, who cares about people and not what he can get from you. David always made the place so bubbly and fun to actually go to a place of business, that sometimes is hard to be there. David took his job very seriously and would get involved in everything that everyone was doing to help make a positive of all negative situations.
I don't normally talk politics because it's everyone's right to vote for their own personal choice, but David is definitely the man I will be voting for to be elected County Clerk. People, before you vote- listen with a full ear and not half- known facts. Look into things like what position they are in now and what they have done versus what people want you to hear. David you are the man. I write all day with my Sager pens! I know who I'm voting for - Sager for County Clerk!

Gina G. Rivera

Play U Pay

To the editor:
So say I'm sorry that's ok
But in the long run you have to pay
A mistake some dreadful too
No one to blame except just you
A mom whose son is no longer here
A loving Bro who was so dear
You plead it was a big mistake
One I'd never ever make
U Play U Pay now with your life
A love from family, a grieving wife
Their world is full of culprits, Wow
From way way back
Non stop till now
So have a heart
Keep love intact
All your blessings are not an act.

Catherine LoBosco

A Helpful Start

To the editor:
The good and the bad
The ugly, the sweet
At times makes no diff
It seems obsolete
Brought into this world
With hopes you are taught.
What's right and what's wrong
Your mistakes will be caught
Ask your parents, most are real shrewd
Confused then just ask
Don't ever be rude
A start that's real helpful
And one that's not gone
Will follow you in life
And help you go on.

Catherine LoBosco

Keep Agriculture in Sullivan County

To the editor:
New York City is bound and determined to destroy Sullivan County. They want to ban the sale of Foie Gras in New York City. Should this happen, LaBelle Farms and Hudson Valley Foie Gras would be forced out of business. These companies employ 400 people. Do you want to add 400 people to welfare benefits?
Farmers have been going through some very hard times the past few years. Most farmers, including myself, have used their by-product (Manure) for many years to fertilize their fields whether they be dairy, beef, crops, etc., because they could not afford commercial fertilizer.
Sullivan County is famous for its forests and green fields. Closing down this business would greatly increase the frequency of farms going out of business. No farmers-No Green Fields. Just horrible looking weed fields.
Many landowners rent their land to farmers and through an Agriculture Assessment, get a tax break. Again, No Farmer, No Tax Break and more ugly weed fields.
Let's keep agriculture an important part of Sullivan County.

John Ebert
North Branch

Sullivan County Clerk Election

To the editor:
The reoccurring theme that I am hearing in the election between Russell Reeves and David Sager for the position of Sullivan County Clerk is that Russell Reeves has the temperament and leadership skills to run the Clerk's office successfully.
As the former Public Works Superintendent of the Village of Monticello who worked under former village manager David Sager, I couldn't agree more with that assessment. Mr. Sager's management style did not foster a cohesive work environment among the staff of the village which resulted in poor customer service and good people leaving to find employment elsewhere.
In fact, if you remember from published news reports, I was subjected to a “chest bumping” incident by David Sager when he got mad at a village board meeting, which led me to file a report with the sheriff's department. This is one of those elections where political party shouldn't matter.
We need to vote for the right person who will treat both the employees and public with dignity and respect. Russell Reeves who is the current Deputy County Clerk has already proven himself. The choice is clear. Vote Russell Reeves for Sullivan County Clerk.

Jim Steinberg

Ban Foie Gras!

To the editor:
Banning Foie Gras production is back in the news and those who profit from the hideous suffering of the animals involved continue to deny and try to justify this abuse, making misleading statements designed to deflect from the real issue, the suffering and abuse of animals.
The profiteers of this abuse speak of a HUMANE (sic) facility, where ducks are force fed. Force feeding is never humane. When “…6000 ducks scatter…” at the mere approach of a human, they are not being handled humanely. Animals do not run in terror from benign handlers. Most of the civilized world has banned Foie Gras production and sale.
Profit mongers seek out economically depressed and desperate areas like Sullivan County, that allow abusive businesses like this to operate. Sad to say some local politicians have succumbed to the jobs, jobs, jobs mantra the profiteers use to smear Foie Gras protests as attacking farmers, and discriminating against farm workers.
Foie Gras protestors care about stopping the egregious animal abuse, and protecting the welfare of workers forced by economic circumstances to work in these places.
By turning a blind eye, Sullivan County is complicit in allowing this ongoing abuse of animal and workers to continue. To protect both animal and workers, Foie Gras production must be stopped now.

Star Hesse

Face the truth

To the editor:
Ever since Donald J. Trump won the presidency in 2016, Democrats have been calling for his impeachment. The Congresswoman from New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been the biggest voice calling for the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump. She is even calling out her fellow Democrats for their caution to impeach Trump. I'm standing behind Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and I'm begging for the Democrat Party to IMPEACH TRUMP NOW!
Of course I am a Trump supporter and hope he gets re-elected, but I'm also so sick and tired of hearing Democrats calling for Trump's impeachment. I mean it seriously needs to stop because you're all looking like a bunch of clowns instead of politicians. So, it's time for Democrats to “put up or shut up!” Impeach President Donald J. Trump before the 2020 election, because I think it's the only way you're going to win the presidency in 2020. So, listen to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who says, “there's so much” to impeach Trump on.
For all Democrats need to face the truth that unless you're able to impeach President Donald J. Trump, I and others like me will show up on November 3, 2020 and vote for President Trump. Then after he's re-elected, I'm sure you'll spend the next four years making a fool out of yourselves calling for his impeachment. Then again I hope I'm wrong, and you'll finally work with President Donald J. Trump to Keep America Great!

Donald Gardner

Money controls everything

To the editor:
First of all, why two mostly supportive articles about fois gras production in Ferndale? The production of fois gras is arguably one of the most cruel animal abuses in the world.
Fed soy and corn? Yeah, cheap, GMO and unhealthy as such to any living creature. And I'm not going to start on force feeding! It is a gross and disgusting business and I hope fois gras is banned everywhere. Farmers-learn to farm and not subject “your” (of course they're not yours) animals to the level of abuse you currently do, just for the profits.
Profits made on cruelty to other creatures are offensive. As is the production of fois gras. It still amazes me how much money controls everything in America.

Cathy Farris

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