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Saturday, August 17, 2019


No Rate Hike for NYSEG

To the editor:
I can well understand why NYSEG avoided having any Public Hearings in Sullivan County for their proposed outrageous 20%+ rate hike. There might have been a riot. Sullivan County has suffered from poor service and rip-off electric charges and practices for years. In 2018, the electric was off more than 8 times, with two of the outages lasting 9 to 14 days depending on where you lived. It is ironic that as I wrote this protest, our electricity went off.
I was able to finish only because last year we finally gave up and installed a costly propane backup generator. With so many service interruptions we felt we had no other choice. But many of our neighbors are not able to afford this expensive, but essential and in some cases lifesaving alternative power source. Then there is NYSEG's unethical billing practice of using estimates, not meters, to establish electric usage. Estimates result in monthly charges per light, even if some are not working or otherwise not in use.
Until NYSEG gives up their price gouging policies and comes into line with other electric companies that actually give assistance to municipalities that try to save electricity by switching to metered, town owned LED streetlights, NYSEG does not deserve any rate increase whatsoever. They have more than enough rip-off profits from the current system.

Star D. Hesse

Thank you for caring

To the editor:
Recently my brother, a Sullivan County resident, died in his 82nd year. Since the 1980s he had been under the care of the staff of Sullivan County Rehabilitation Support Services (RSS) in Monticello. I write to report how wonderfully the people there provided for my brother's many needs. They saw to his health care, both physical and mental, they provided housing, they took him shopping, they looked-in on him, calling and visiting. In short, they made sure that, so far as possible, his needs were met—consistently, year-in and year-out. The RSS staff supplied assistance that was both professional and caring.
My brother suffered a variety of ailments and could be very difficult in personal relations. Long ago his family ceased to be able to supply the care he required. That is why I am so deeply grateful to the Sullivan County RSS staff. Their efforts enabled him to live his life as he chose. The residents of Sullivan County can take great pride and satisfaction from knowing that this state agency does outstanding work—thoughtful, caring, conscientious, reliable—and effective.
In New York State, as in Connecticut where I live, there are, I am sure, many who complain about the failures of government and its programs. Some of those complaints have merit. But with respect to the work of RSS people in Sullivan County, this note should serve as evidence of their dedication and success in providing effective service.

Richard Brown
Hampton, CT

Ban Foie Gras

To the editor:
According to the ASPCA, during weeks of force feeding ducks or geese to produce the gourmet delicacy foie gras, “the bird's liver becomes so enlarged that, according to the documentation of veterinarians, the animals must experience unspeakable pain and suffering. The results of necropsies performed on dead birds that were force fed show ruptured livers, throat damage, esophageal trauma, and food spilling from the birds' throats and out their nostrils.”
Over the years, many people worldwide have unsuccessfully petitioned or otherwise urged Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand to address this cruelty in Sullivan County.
Foie gras production is prohibited in most European nations, Argentina, Australia, Israel and California. India, which has no foie gras farms, prohibits its import into the country.
By contrast, the silence on this issue by Cuomo, Schumer, Gillibrand and by Attorney General Letitia James has been deafening. My own letters to these officials haven't been answered. Why are they so indifferent to cruelty so awful that even Hitler prohibited it in Nazi Germany?
Bills in the NY Legislature that would prohibit foie gras production have received little support. However, in some countries including Israel foie gras production has been deemed illegal under general laws prohibiting cruelty to animals. It can and should be banned in New York under our state's already established animal protection laws - absent a specific law banning commercial force feeding of birds.

Joel Freedman

Follow Your Heart

To the editor:
We hear the talk of a President perhaps a new one of course
So many heading way up front like the racer on a horse
So darn hard, excuse me God can you give me a clue
When I have a problem my prayer is “What should I do”
We're not involved in Dems and Repubs
We sit back and hear the news all the people give advice
They tell you who to choose good or bad it's really sad
Each voter a different view
Sit back and wait
at times it's fate
the right choice will come to you.

Catherine LoBosco

June goes so fast

To the editor:
My children are asking Mom what's coming our way
Sept 2nd - that's Labor Day
That's not the answer they wanted to hear
The parks and the movies non-stop in my ear
Mamma will be rested put away all the toys
Sit in her chair relaxing
no noise
At times a bit lonely but the day goes so fast
But lots of fun memories and love that just passed
Months and the days where did they go
Woke up this AM it's August oh NO
We have more time lets go for a walk
A nice cozy day we have fun laugh and talk
Time goes so fast but we're going slow
Till the day say you're done and Momma says No.

Catherine LoBosco

Lang blew it!

To the editor:
Woodstock 50th promoter Michael Lang blew it and now he sees that ‘The only Woodstock' is at Bethel though back then Woodstock, NY wouldn't have them either.
Why he went out of Bethel with this is beyond me, maybe he forgot where and what took place here.
It was for Peace, Love and Music but to clarify that it was a peaceful protest of the Vietnam War, Police action or whatever that had torn this country up as young men (draft dodgers) left the country and went to Canada. Over 16 million people left the country and half-a-million came here peacefully. The draft started in 1964 and ended in 1973. Ford pardoned them to come back in 1974 and Carter did a full pardon in 1977.
This was a giant event in history and Lang thought he would be able to move it out? Whatever chemistry is here taught him differently.
Now with what he did will cause a giant mess since everyone will come here! Police are going to restrict the area to ticket holders only and ask everyone to stay off the 17B corridor!
Stay off a main-blood-line artery isn't going to be easy; in fact it's going to be a nightmare.
Tenacity and vision, more like greed, politics and stubbornness!
Hopefully it can be all pulled together in time ‘The Woodstock Way'.
Peace and Love everyone.

Don Dittmer
Lake Huntington

Please stay tuned

To the editor:
I would like to reach out to my conservative friends, who have, to a person, informed me that they no longer watch the news. Please watch the news. Read the twitter. Fox is the best place to hear Trump unfiltered, long incoherent rants, ending awkwardly when the hosts excuse themselves for taking up so much of his valuable time.
The partisan divide exists to prevent us from voting our own self interests. This has never been more obvious, as the oligarchy resorts to stirring our basest tribal instincts to divide us. It is pathetic and hopefully a last gasp.
Recent disclosures as to the extent of Russian influence comfort me as I would like to believe a vanishing minority of us are science denying bigots.
Good people shouldn't vote for racists, regardless of the economy. They shouldn't look away, make excuses, or demonize immigrants to justify children in cages. And they certainly should not wallow in belligerent, ignorant bliss as our civil rights are eroded, our democracy is undermined, and our science is ignored and dismantled.

Jennifer Young

On the Electoral College

To the editor:
In her July 26 letter to the editor, Denise Connolly stated that because of the Electoral College, “[w]e ALL get a voice when we cast our ballot.” On the contrary, 2.87 million Americans did NOT have a voice in the 2016 election. Clinton got 2.87 million MORE votes than Trump, yet Trump is president.
There are two reasons for the Electoral College. As Ms. Connolly states, it was a compromise to give smaller states more of a voice. The other reason is that the founders -- upper-class, wealthy, and literate -- did not trust the great unwashed to make the right decisions. They did not, in fact, trust democracy, fearing a tyrant's ability to manipulate the common folk. If the founders were here today, they might realize that the Electoral College doesn't prevent this at all.
If the Electoral College is not abolished, at least there should be a federal mandate that the states drop the “winner takes all” practice. If a person gets 50.1% or 90% of the vote in a state, ALL the electors cast their votes for the winner. This is not in the constitution, and two states do not have this requirement. That would be far more fair. Of course, with all the Republican gerrymandering (with the Supreme Court's blessing), and the strenuous efforts made by the Republicans to deny the vote to black and poor people, it's hard to imagine a fair election anyway.
In the Federalist Papers, Alexander Hamilton said that the constitution was designed to ensure that “…the office of President will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualities.” Wow -- he must be turning in his grave.

Elizabeth McAllister

Maximize on opportunity

To the editor:
August 1st marked the first game of the preseason for the National Football League. For many this marks the renewal of an annual ritual that brings friends and families together to socialize and watch on television or attend live, a professional sport woven into the fabric of the lives of millions. For others, the first of August signaled the opportunity to place bets on football.
Our Legislators in Albany have approved sports betting for the four casinos in New York State, including Resorts World International in Sullivan County and the United States Supreme Court cleared the way for sports wagering in 2018. Currently, in New York State, a person can only place a sports bet in person. Wagering from your phone or computer is not permitted. So why -- unlike the state of New Jersey and a competing casino further upstate in Schenectady -- are we not up and running with sports betting at Resorts World right here in Sullivan County? Especially now, during the height of the “summer season.”
The American Gaming Association estimates that Americans bet 154 billion on sports in 2016, nearly all of it through illegal channels like personal bookies and offshore websites. Based on per-capita rates of betting it's estimated that New York State residents bet approximately $9.4 billion on sports in 2016. We have all read recently about the financial woes of Resorts World. If I was your Sullivan County Legislator, right now, I would be investigating why professional football enthusiasts can't place a bet in Sullivan County? Why do they have to drive to Schenectady?
We must maximize our opportunities here in Sullivan County by facilitating fluid and accessible sports betting.

Rob Doherty

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