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Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Design and harmony

To the editor:
I just read Jewish Culture column by Moshe Unger. I enjoyed his explanation of the design and harmony of the world. He said, “as we are in the season of Fall, the landscape gives us ample thoughts to contemplate.” It is just nature, so in my mind, who thinks about it?
But...he put it in simple terms: “at this point in the year, the trees don't need leaves anymore because they are not producing fruit, so they fall and become fertilizer for the seeds the trees dropped during summer.” Every type of fruit and plant has its distinct design to attract pollinators”.
He went on to summarize the Lord's plan, and I found it very well thought out by you, Moshe.

Fran Kurpil

For God's Sake Repeal & replace NY's New Reckless Bail Reform Law

To the editor:
The New York State Legislature should immediately repeal and replace the new bail law taking effect January 1, 2020. Under this reckless new law dangerous criminal suspects will be released without bail from prison following arraignment. This includes suspects charged with Burglary, Criminal Negligent homicide, criminal possession of a weapon on school grounds, assault, vehicular manslaughter, promoting sexual performance by a child and arson, to name a few.
Proponents of the new law hail it as a historic milestone ending discriminatory practices that unfairly lock up in jail criminal suspects for minor offenses. However, as a defense attorney in our region, let me say nothing could be further from the truth. Turning your back on public safety and handing criminal suspects a free ticket to freedom is not the answer. Undermining our local criminal judges exercise of discretion and consideration of risk of flight in setting bail does not make the criminal justice system fairer or just. It weakens it instead and places us all in danger.
If the objective is preventing excessive bail or an unfair pre-trial incarceration there are other more effective reforms. For example, statutory bail and pre-trial incarceration guidelines that take into account recent criminal record, risk of flight and public safety into account or a 24- hour excessive bail appeal determination. Also, invest more resources into drug diversion courts, community-based partnership with local churches that have proven effective in helping first time-low income defendants avoid incarceration and turn their lives around. But for God's sake stop a law that may allow criminal suspects escape from justice. Repeal and replace before it's too late.

Kevin Gomez, Esq.

Farrell Campaign Ad

To the editor:
I want to thank Jim Farrell. Until last week, I was undecided about which candidate I preferred in the race for County Judge. That is until I received in the mail what I considered to be a disgraceful and offensive ad from Mr. Farrell's campaign and that you featured on your front page in the November 1 edition.
I found the rhetoric used in that flyer and the clear ad-hominem attack on Judge Dolan to be symptomatic of the unfortunate, charged, and divisive rhetoric that seems all too common in political life today. Such rhetoric does much to separate us from one another as citizens and instead creates an “us and them” mentality that is corrosive to civic discourse, toxic to our community, and as you pointed out, possibly illegal.
Given the stark challenges we face today as a community and as a nation, I think Mr. Farrell should be more careful with his words and he, like all other political figures, should instead be working harder to bring us all together rather than to push us further and further apart. Enough is enough.
Whether or not she succeeded on November 5th, Judge Dolan got my vote, and that ad made my choice an easy one to make.

Charley Trowbridge

Google is the new Visitors' Center

To the editor:
It's almost 2020. No one stops at a “visitors' center” except to use a restroom, walk their dog and that's only if it's very convenient. No one needs to get brochures to learn what's offered in a region any longer as the vast majority of people that have the disposable income to actually be called a “visitor” use Google on their phone in their pocket for everything when traveling.
We're spending a fortune for the lot and construction, taking this off the tax-roll, staff it, heat, insure, maintain, plow, spend endless money. How about just budget a minor percentage of this insane $5 million waste on search engine optimization and Google ad-words to snare visitors as that's how people get information, come into this century.
It's not 1980. If you're actually going through with this monumental waste of a boondoggle, make sure to leave room for the Blockbuster, a parking lot Foto-Mat, Toys-R-Us kiosk and maybe livery stable parking.

Mike Taylor

Riveting Sports Stories

To the editor:
I was riveted to my chair as I read Richard Ross' breathless account of the Tri-Valley football victory and glad I picked up the Tuesday paper and happened onto it.
A great read for sure, with strong biblical references, historical context, great and varied adjectives, and an unfolding tale of local glory. Good job Democrat. Good job indeed.

Chuck Petersheim

Liberty Elem Harvest Festival

To the editor:
I wanted to take a moment to recognize and express my gratitude to the Liberty Elementary School's teachers and staff. For the first time the school held a Harvest Festival on Halloween to be more inclusive of all the children in the school instead of a costume parade.
I learned as this change was announced earlier this school year that it was a bit controversial for some people in the community. I attended the festival with my 3rd grader and I was so impressed with the organization and amount of activities they had for them to enjoy with their classmates and friends, and the level of support and involvement of the teachers and staff.
They moved the event inside due to weather concerns, and I'm sure that was a little bit of a challenge for the school. All of the planning and work was worth it, and I want the school and community to know it was appreciated. The kids had a blast! It was so fun to hear the shrieks and giggles of excitement and joy as the students enjoyed the age-old parachute toss, danced, and played a variety of games and physical challenges.
I believe the education of a child should not only include the tools needed to read, write, and solve math problems. It should also include the opportunities to develop skills to interact well with others, build a sense of community, and have a bit of fun with peers to aid them in their growth into socially conscious adults.
The simple skills we expect from adults of waiting in line, helping others, and encouraging friends start when a child is taught these social courtesies from a young age. In addition to the well rounded curriculum at the school, the Harvest Festival provided this opportunity to work on social skills and have fun, and I am sure the students will have fond memories of the event.
Thank you for taking the time and effort to provide something extra for the students to enjoy at school, and for inviting the parents to join them.

Laura Liddle
Liberty Parent

Andy Hahn's Go Fund Me Page not active

To the editor:
The Go Fund Me Page announcing Andy Hahn's campaign was prepared by the Elect Andy Hahn campaign committee, without the Hahn's knowledge. The site was prepared but never made “live”, because Andy did not want to ask anyone to contribute money to the campaign. No funds were collected.
Andy Hahn is a kind, honest, and qualified addition for the town of Callicoon. We ask that you cast one vote and one vote only; please do what is right and vote for Andy Hahn on Tuesday.

Rhonda Decker

Andy Hahn clears the air

To the editor:
Politically motivated attempts to tarnish my reputation might have pushed me to respond with anger or fuel the negativity with more “he said she said” letters. I say no more. No more Bad Politics.
We all know there are a few people who want to keep me from gaining a seat on the Town Board. If I win, I will only be one voice and one vote. I will work hard to see that town business is an open book to all residents and that everyone is comfortable having their say.
To me, serving on the Town Council is about accountability and discussing all possible solutions. We can better serve our community and the specific needs of the Town.
We can be civil and work together to make the best decisions for our future. It's important that your voice is represented. Please, come out and vote for me this Tuesday, November 5th.

Andy Hahn

Thanks for Giving

To the editor:
Thanksgiving is not too far away
We're thankful and living on that special day
Help out the poor and needy, we try
Homeless is sad, they sit and they cry
For us it's time to all celebrate
Folks from all over it's a special date
Moms all set with a table, so yummy
Fruits and all candy the roar of my tummy
Churches decorated makes all our day
Stop say a prayer and we're on our way
God Bless all you folks, have a blessed day
To all you kiddies, have fun, do not stray.

Catherine LoBosco


To the editor:
Who can you trust your Mom and your Dad
or a real good friend you thought that you had
Your teachers who taught you since you've been a tot
or that smart gent in college
one you forgot
Life is so scary, people are weird
They say things and do things
get you real scared
There has to be someone to depend on for sure
At most you must trust a help with a cure
Trustworthy so warm and finally you found
A partner, a pal
who has been around
Walk the street together
Sit and chat, good advice
My mistakes comes to light
She's so intelligent and nice
So lucky we met, two better than one
Walking on air and so darn much fun.

Catherine LoBosco

Setting the record straight

To the editor:
I don't know about Debbie Conway's political “mixed marriage” but I do know that election season - like hunting season - makes a target of anyone who pops their head up. Nonetheless, Ms. Conway's barely veiled attempts to demean my 16-year record of works and accomplishment as a County Legislator - presumably at the behest of my opponent in this race - is shameful.
As the old saying goes, “Honesty is the best policy.” I would add, “Distorting the truth and misleading the good people of District 2, not so much.”
Charging me with gerrymandering for my personal gain is downright delusional.
The FACT is, the redistricting of Legislative District 2 and the entire County was done by a team of Consultants hired by the County Legislature. Please Note: There are nine County Legislators. It was not the Kathy LaBuda show.
Contrary to your bogus claim of Gerrymandering, District 2 was changed to meet the growth and shifting population of the County and not for any personal political advantage.
Here's another FACT: Half of my Highland constituency -some 200 voters - shifted away from me in Legislative District 2 to Legislative District 1, a move that was hardly in my best “political” interest.
But why bother confusing a good political hit job with anything so nettlesome as facts?
Quite simply, while the redistricting was contrary to my political interest, I voted for it because it served best the needs and interests of the people of District 2 and Sullivan County. It's the very consideration that I was elected to the legislature to make.
By the way, the Town of Liberty is represented by three Legislators whose districts overlap with several other towns. Parts of Thompson and Fallsburg also share legislators. Why single out District 2?
In my 16 years as a County legislator I don't recall Ms. Conway ever being involved in government. I do recall that for a short time she was a seasonal employee with Department of Public Works. Beyond that, nothing.
Now she has a soapbox which she hauls out to bitterly attack me whenever the opportunity arises. My candidacy once again offers her that opportunity and predictably, she takes it.
No biggie.
But as has been noted by others in the past, while you are entitled to your own opinion, you are not entitled to your facts. Ms. Conway should take that to heart. Who knows, if she does, she might even find more worthy candidates to support.

Kathy LaBuda

About the Opioid problem

To the editor:
When there's a problem with drugs in the county then shouldn't there be a better way to fix it then compare with other counties? I have lived in Manor for a very long time and had to go through Monticello for different needs. You always hear about the booming problems that place has when it comes to drugs, and we are known in different places for many different problems besides drugs. There should be better steps to take when trying to fix our community. When I was in High School we had different talks about Sex Ed and drugs it seemed every year.
When reading through the article I wasn't surprised at all that 29 people have died due to drug abuse. However, I was upset by it. This county is full of people who turn to addiction because they have nothing else to turn to. What happened to a time we could help others for free? Without blinking an eye at the cost in our wallets vs the cost of someone's life. Today, everyone's life seems to be valued by what they have in the bank rather than in personality. We can take the steps to change our area for the better. We don't need to keep building and welcoming in new people when we still have people who have lived here forever who need help.
There is a time when change is called for. When will be the time we open our eyes to see that change is needed faster than we could help it? I could understand that maybe we don't have the funds right now to build something to help the people. However, we can build a center for welcoming in new people or rebuild the jail. If we have the time and funds to do both of those things before the year ends, then maybe with the coming year we could have the money for helping those who you see everyday. A lack of business isn't what is hurting the county. It's really the lack of control and the lack of effort to fix the problems that are from home.

Miranda McGrath
Livingston Manor

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