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Sunday, September 23, 2018



Jeffersonville Pride

In case you haven't noticed lately, there's big things happening in Jeffersonville. Over the past year, this vibrant village on the western side of Sullivan County has been undergoing a transformation.
This past weekend alone, four new businesses cut ribbons during the Jeff Jamboree.
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Consumer talk

To the editor:
I was unable to solve a warranty problem with a manufacturer.
I went to Tractor Supply in Liberty to get help. The manager “Megan” solved my problem in no time at all. It's great to know there are some people who listen to a consumer for a change.

Tom more

Inside Out

Fostering support for foster pet care

Every time the words "foster pet" come up in conversation, I waffle. Could I? Should I?
I gave up on any sense that I'm the boss of my home a long time ago. My husband and I are the breadwinners and mortgage payers, but we do so at the behest of creatures with four legs and an abundance of fur. more


Visiting the German Corner

Our Rhine cruise was on Day 4 when our Viking longship docked at the Deutsches Eck (German Corner) in Koblenz. Koblenz, which comes from the Latin meaning “fort at the confluence” is where the “Mother” Moselle River meets the “Father” Rhine (those Germans are so poetic!). Atop the German Corner more

Long Ago

Cookie Time is coming

One of the great pleasures of my life is baking cookies. The variety doesn't matter. What does matter is always using butter to make the best cookies ever. Butter makes a better cookie.
I have a long history of cookie baking. When our children were small the aunts and uncles always gifted them more

The Way I See It

B.A.T.S. In Liberty

There has been a lot of news on the creation of a Veteran's home located at 15 Dixon Street Liberty, New York. This home was donated to the New Beginnings Community Worship Center of Liberty. The Congregation thought of what would be the best possible use for this generous donation made by the more

Sense of Direction


I keep a list of books I've already read because, even when I was much younger, I'd occasionally forget that I'd already read a book, especially if it had been awhile since I read it, and not realize it until I was a few chapters into it.
Once I've read a book I see no reason to keep it unless more

Here & There

Yom Kippur Starts Today

Leviticus 16:20-21 reads that "in the seventh month, on the tenth day of the month, you shall afflict your souls, and you shall not do any work....For on that day he shall provide atonement for you to cleanse you from all your sins before the Lord.”
Today members of the Jewish faith take part more

Guest Editorial

Free speech and assembly

In view of the recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia and the issue of speech on our campuses, it is appropriate to discuss our constitutional rights to free speech, assembly, and to petition our government in the form of marches and protests.
In 1789 when James Madison drafted the first 10 more


As I see it …

For the last several weeks, I have been writing articles primarily against Mr. Trump. It has gotten to a point that I will simply be saying the same thing again. It is interesting to note that the folks who write in do not respond to the fundamental questions that I have raised in regard to the more

Cooking in the Country

A one dish wonder for fall

I am forever in debt to my friend, Alyssa. We are both working as teachers and she is the queen of easy and healthy weeknight meals. She always gives me the best recipes and is also a fitness coach, so she modifies all of her recipes to make them guilt-free!
This take on shepherd's pie is more

My Turn

Body Art

I include everything in this category; any and all body piercing, tattoos, Dayak tribe earrings, neon hair colorings, and any scars left from blood brother initiations as children.
The evolution of body art is remarkable. It is so commonplace today that those without anything on their body are more

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