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Sunday, May 26, 2019

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Summing up ­- looking ahead

Jan 7, 2019

By Anne Foland - columnist

January is the one month of the year when we can look in two directions - backward and forward - simultaneously.
Looking back, I am thankful for the superb care I received at ORMC in April. I had never been the recipient of emergency care and I was lucky to draw the ‘A team.'
Since then I have recovered my strength and am able to care for myself. That is a great step forward and a blessing.
Another gift was learning how much my children love me and how well they cared for me.

This year I also learned another important lesson. Mama doesn't always know best. That is a hard pill to swallow. But sometimes it is OK to hand over the reins and let someone else handle the driving.
My children are prepared and up to the task of handling difficult situations. Score one for the good guys.
An added blessing during the year was learning how many people were concerned about me. Other family members have stayed close. Those blonde cousins, who grew up next door, stay in touch.
Friends checked on me on a regular basis. One special friend came to visit often and left with my dirty laundry. Other friends offered help of all kinds.
Members of the Wallkill Quilting Bee quilted me a healing quilt with purple squares. My MARTA (Middletown Area Retired Teachers Assoc.) were on hand on many occasions.
Looking ahead I see a rosy future. I am determined to finish several quilts (ufos) and gift them to family and friends.
I need to spend time sorting and discarding many of my possessions. Sometimes we don't own things. Instead our things own us.
Continuing improvement in my menu will be both a challenge and hopefully a prizewinner.
Foods that aren't allowed have become less important to me but there are many recipes I want to try.
One thing appears crystal clear, whether I look backward or forward. Loving and caring for each other is the secret of a fulfilled life.

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