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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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Lose an hour, gain an hour

Nov 4, 2019

By Jeanne Sager - columnist

Oh, but you'll get an hour of extra sleep. How many times did you hear that one this past weekend?
If you're the type who'd prefer Daylight Saving Time stick around all year through, you're bound to hear its detractors attempting to put up a hearty defense for turning their clocks back. Chief among them, of course, is that one measly hour a year when you get to laze in bed.
Well, let's be honest here: that hour you get to laze in bed if you don't have small children or animals who have little regard for time changes and would very much like to get up, get moving, and have breakfast immediately.
A barking dog woke me at 5:30 a.m.
on Sunday.
He was not impressed by my assertions that it wasn't yet time for his morning sniffing of spots in the backyard to find the perfect place to pee.
An extra hour of sleep was off the table.
So what else is there?
Morning light in the morning hours?
For early risers, this is a beautiful thing.
For those of us who want to feel the sun on our faces after we're done with work, however, it's a bit of a drag. For those of us who battle seasonal affective disorder every year as this side of Earth shifts further away from the sun, it can be downright depressing.
And so we sit in the dark and wait for spring to come back and with it our sunny evenings.
We're just sorry it means you'll lose an hour of sleep. But then, you're already ahead, aren't you?

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