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Monday, July 6, 2020

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It's time for a final rhyme

Dec 30, 2019

By Ken Cohen - columnist

Please don't think I'm pulling a sudden escape like the Baltimore Colts did 35 years ago when they fled to Indianapolis in the middle of the night. But this will be my last Further Review column. After 10 years, more than 500 columns and 350,000 words, I'm turning out the lights. I always said to myself that when it becomes a struggle to come up with ideas and writing the column is more of an effort than a passion, it's time to stop. I've reached that point.
For about a month, I've been thinking how I should sign off.
And I keep coming back to Billy Joel's classic song “We Didn't Start The Fire,” which essentially recounts 40 years of history from 1949-89 in about 16 rapid-fire verses.
So I'm going to try and recall some of the names and topics of my 10 years of columns in similar stream-of-consciousness fashion. Try and think of the pace and rhythm of “We Didn't Start The Fire” when reading this.

Section IX doing its thing
High school golf in the spring

Chaos at the Hoop Shoot
Mike McCarthy gets the boot

Tiger Woods, Ray Rice
Turned out not so nice

Prostate cancer
Hip Hop dancer

Eight-man football
Chris Paul

Overrated Seahawks
Family 9-hole walks

Greg Popovich, Pete Carrill
Back doors, the Wurtsboro hill

Bob Lanier, Rick Mount
T-ball, pitch count

The Big Red Machine Mean Joe Greene

Terrible calls
Bases on balls

Kutztown, Lafayette
Tom Seaver, the greatest Met

Benton and Cohen
Columbia and Rohan

Magic and Bird
The Thundering Herd

Ode to the Masters
More Knicks' disasters

Sam Bradford, David Carr
Tony Gwynn, Ralph Garr

Tim Couch, Michael Vick
Larry Csonka, Jim Kiick

Pete Rose, Hall of Fame
He's not in, who's to blame

John Wilhelm going for two
Rex Ryan having no clue

Carmelo's a bust
In Dolan we trust

Jason Garrett, Jerry Jones
Dan Gilbert, Quicken Loans

Nothing confusing
What leads to losing

Playing scared
Coaching impaired

James Harden
Madison Square Garden

Media hacks
Running backs

My little girl
Earl the Pearl

Killer Bees
Drew Brees

The Monster, Big G
Al Johnston, Pete Donnelly

Who's Annika
Daryle Lamonica

LeBron James

Steph Curry
DeMarco Murray

Arnie and Jack
Kobe and Shaq

Fred Lebow
Mel Renfro

The old ballgame
It's not the same

Buster in Tokyo
Tony Romo

Ray Scott
JJ Watt

Chuck Knoll
Gerrit Cole

Reggie and Rae
Yankee and Shea

Baker and Slick
Brady and Belichick

Golf with my dad
Special times we had

I'll end there
You take care

Ken Cohen brings 30 years of publishing experience, many covering sports and working for sports companies. A National Newspaper Assn. first place sports column writer, “Further Review” appears every Tuesday.

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