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Saturday, December 7, 2019

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38th Democrat tees off today

Aug 9, 2019

CALLICOON - The field is full, the course looks great and the competition should be fierce as the 38th Annual Sullivan County Democrat Two-Man Better Golf Tourney starts today at 8 a.m.
“As always, the excitement has really been building over the last couple of weeks and we are delighted to have 128 players - 64 teams - in this year's ‘Democrat,'” Tournament Sponsor and Democrat Publisher Fred Stabbert III said. “We have 11 past champions returning and it looks like one of the strongest fields we ever had.”
The three-day event will be held at the Villa Roma Country Club in Callicoon and includes many players who are familiar with strong competition, the Villa Roma layout and are hungry to win their share of glory.
Following today's qualifier, the competition will continue throughout the weekend with match-play competition, culminating with championship matches in all 8 flights on Sunday afternoon.

“We are delighted to have our defending champions - Sean Semenetz and Joe Winski - returning,” Stabbert said.
“We are delighted to have our defending champions - Sean Semenetz and Joe Winski - returning,” Stabbert said.
The Semenetz-Winski duo, with a tournament record five titles together, are the odds on favorites to win this year's title.
However, last year's runners-up, Kort Wheeler and Walter Herzog, have both been playing well of late and will certainly be in contention in the championship flight.
Eldred phenom David Powers and partner Jake Hummel of Kingston, are returning for the second time and this youth movement got all the way to the end in 2016 before losing to Drew Billard and Ty DuPuis.
But don't count out experience, namely in the presence of nine-time winner Ken Cohen and three-time champ Mitchell Etess. These seasoned veterans are excellent course managers and will give their opponents a tough match come Saturday and Sunday.
Two-time winners Gregg Semenetz Sr. and Billy Phillips also know their way around the Villa Roma course very well and could in contention come Sunday if they are on top of their game.
Past champions Jared Kubenik and Gregg Semenetz Jr. also have enough firepower to get to Sunday's seminfinal and final matches.
The teams of Mark Thatcher and Sean McDonald, Patrick Mainey and Patrick Brown and Tyler and Dean Gilmour can all get on a roll and could be a wild card if they qualify right in the Championship flight.

Odds to win the Democrat

3-1:Semenetz-Winski- Newly crowned R. Jay Sigel Match Play Champion Sean Semenetz is playing great. With Joe Winski as a partner, they are just too good not to be favorites. Players better be 6 or 7 under par each match if you're going to beat them.
5-1: Wheeler-Herzog - Former “Democrat” champions will have to be in top form to beat last year's champions. Kort Wheeler and Walter Herzog have the game to win another title this year.
6-1:Powers-Hummel- These two young, talented players will be tough competitors in this year's tournament.
7-1: Cohen-Etess - Ken Cohen is back in this event this year after battling with health issues the previous year. He and Etess are like Powers and Hummel, two more tough-to-beat competitors.
8 -1: Kubenik-Semenetz Jr. -My guess is they need a great qualifying score to get a top-4 seed. They've crossed the finish line ahead in previous years, and if they secure their spot, they can do it again.
8-1: Mainey-Brown- Both Patrick Mainey and PatrickBrown are excellent players, but they lack team experience on this course, which could potentially derail this top-tier team.

2019 Democrat Golf Field

Maxx Kleiner/Alex Mazalitis
Eric Mathis/Sam Dykstra
Fred and Andrew Stabbert
Kort Wheeler/Walter Herzog
Thomas Roseo/Ethan Dwyer
Jeremy Kaufman/Todd Herfield
Chris Ng/James Conway
Brandan Walsh/Taylor VanKeuren
Scott DuBois/Billy Jakaitis
Alex and John Etter
Steve Sherlock/Arne Jensen
Mark Thatcher/Sean McDonald
Bob Whitaker/Paul Berens
Jim Walsh/Dan Taggart
Boomer Russell/Scott Ottino
Justin Bowers/Dustin Sullivan
Ricky Diaz/Dan Coyne
Joe and Tom Meyer
Jordan and John Meyer
Christopher James/Tom Hinkley
Ryan James/John McCallum
Danny Piscatelli/Matt Wambach
Dan DeVantier/Micci Mason
Glenn Hermann/Rob Hubert
Kevin Esselman/Jim Willis
Jared Kubenik/Gregg Semenetz Jr.
Collin Tallman/Chuch Husson
Will O'Brien/Bret Reimer
Thomas Willi/John Stubits
Ken Cohen/Mitchell Etess
David Calkin/John Fischer
Ralph Huggler/William Orr
Billy Phillips/ Gregg Semenetz Sr.
Sean Semenetz/Joe Winski
Todd and Michael Gallo
Barry Bleach/ Larry Dalconzo
Patrick Donovan/ Kevin Clifford
Sean and Bill Rieber
Stu and Ryan Novick
Sam Meirowitz/Charles Slutsky
Vincent Collura/Michael Rowley
Jeff Nober/Brian Annabel
Michael Kaufman/ Tyler White
Dean and Tyler Gilmour
David Powers/ Jake Hummel
Joseph Cruz-Flores/Dominic Martinez
Rich Schmidt/Josh Hinkley
John Brewer/Bruce Ivory
Mike Cardo/Blake Kilcoin
Patrick Clifford/Jack Russell
Nolan Levine/ Jonathan Shapiro
Gene Kelly/ Bobby Mapes
Ira and Zak Steingart
Nathan Steingart/ Wayne Pirnos
Eric and Cody Kubenik
Mavin and Ben Newberg
Corey Van Keuren/ John Paulsen
Evan Friedman/ Richard Deixler
Jerry Williams/ Nick Price
Darren Kinney/ Brian Golden
Adam Hauser/ Nic Townsend
Tom Drobysh/ Vinny Dollard
Tyler Schmidt/ Kevin Green
Patrick Mainey/ Patrick Brown

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