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Editor’s Note: All results are unofficial, and the results of some local races may change once the tally is finalized later this month.

By Matt Youngfrau
SULLIVAN COUNTY — November 7, 2003 – There were many hotly contested races throughout the county. There were also many surprises. A few of them are highlighted here:
In the Town of Bethel, long-time Supervisor Allan Scott resigned earlier this year to take a job with the Sullivan County Industrial Development Agency (IDA).
It appears, at the moment, that the new Supervisor is Democratic and Hard Working, Honest People candidate Ira “Moose” Liff, who earned 586 votes (40.98 percent). Republican and Conservative candidate Robert Bonnaci Sr. received 562 votes (39.30 percent). Fair Government candidate, Richard Morey Jr. got 282 votes (19.72 percent).
For Town Board, Democratic and Conservative incumbent Robert Blais retained his seat with 756 votes (28.38 percent). Former board member, and Republican and Conservative candidate, Harold Russell reclaimed his seat with 742 votes (27.85 percent).
Other candidates were Republican Richard Crumley with 576 votes (21.62 percent), Daniel Sturm, the Democratic and Working Families candidate, with 511 votes (19.18 percent) and the Nota Party candidate, Jeryl Abramson, with 79 votes (2.97 percent).
The other hotly contested race in Bethel was for Highway Superintendent. It appears former Councilman, Democratic and Conservative candidate Lyndon Lilley earned the job with 770 votes (54.04 percent). His opponent, Republican Bernard Cohen, got 655 votes (45.96 percent).
In the Town of Forestburgh, Democratic and Conservative Supervisor John J. “Bill” Sipos retained his seat. Sipos earned 400 votes (58.25 percent), while his opponent, Republican Roy Gunther, earned 167 votes (41.75 percent).
There is a change on the Town Board. Incumbent Democrat John Galligan retained his seat with 232 votes (32.72 percent). Democratic and Open Government candidate Ken Schultz won a seat on the board with 230 votes (32.44 percent). Incumbent Deputy Supervisor and Conservative candidate George Cuff lost his seat with only 21 votes (2.96 percent). Other candidates were Republican James Steinberg Sr. with 138 votes (19.46 percent) and Republican Alan Kesten with 88 votes (12.41 percent).
In the Town of Liberty, all of the races for Supervisor and Town Board are too close to call. This race will be settled once all ballots are counted.
The current supervisor, Richard Martinkovic, decided not to run for re-election. But just two votes separate the candidates for supervisor.
Democratic and Liberty Choice candidate Frank DeMayo has 1,061 votes (50.05 percent). His opponent, current board member, Republican and Conservative candidate Shirley Lindsley has 1,059 votes (49.95 percent).
For Town Board, it appears incumbent Republican and Conservative Thomas Hasbrouck will retain his seat. Hasbrouck got 1,090 votes (26.32 percent).
The race for the other seat is too close to call. Democratic and Working Families candidates Kevin Mullen and Lynn Killian both got 1,019 votes (24.60 percent). Republican and Conservative candidate Joanne McPhillips earned 1,014 votes (24.48 percent).
In the Town of Mamakating, it appears there is a new supervisor. Republican and Conservative candidate Charles Penna earned 1,131 votes (49.54 percent). Incumbent Supervisor and Democratic and Mamakating Choice candidate Fred Harding Jr. earned 1,025 votes (44.90 percent). Cut Spending candidate James Barnett received 127 votes (5.56 percent).
There is a change on the town board in Mamakating as well. Incumbent Democratic and Working Families candidate John Moriarty kept his seat with 1,118 votes (25.81 percent). Republican and Conservative candidate Regina Saunders earned a seat on the board with 1,111 votes (25.65 percent). Incumbent, Conservative and Cut Spending candidate Marcia Hamill lost her seat with only 361 votes (8.34 percent).
Other candidates were Democratic and Mamakating Choice candidate Robert Fiore with 970 votes (22.40 percent) and Republican and Mamakating First candidate Arthur Ramos with 771 votes (17.80 percent).
In the Town of Neversink, incumbent Republican Arden Dean lost his seat. Dean got 527 votes (26.70 percent). Elected to the board are Republican and Conservative Carol Furman, who received 808 votes (40.93 percent), and Democrat Bryan Delaney, who received 639 votes (32.37 percent).
In the Town of Thompson, there will be some changes on the Town Board.
Democratic and Conservative candidate Peter Briggs received the most votes with 1,837 (29.80 percent). Incumbent Democrat John Washington kept his seat with 1,652 votes (26.80 percent). Incumbent Republican and Conservative candidate Sharon Jankiewicz lost her seat with 1,416 votes (22.97 percent). Republican and Good Government candidate Alex Rey received 1,260 votes (20.44 percent).
The Town of Tusten has a new supervisor. Supervisor Richard Crandall decided not to run again. Republican Bernard Johnson ran unopposed and received 258 votes.
Again, all results are unofficial. Final results should be known by the end of November. Most of the terms begin January 1.

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