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Issue Date   Lead Stories
September 30, 2005 News:
Current, Former Officials Detail Secrets
Car Seat Program in Need of Dollars
Fallsburg to Review Town's Master Plan

Eagles Soar Past Bulldogs
Falcons Remain Grounded
Derby Features Many Crashes
September 27, 2005 News:
NBC Wants to Grant 'Three Wishes' Locally
County DA Says Next Term Is Last
Lecture Marathoner's Voice, Body Give Out

Runners Take on Mountainous Terrain
Blue Devils Show What They've Got
Despite Lack of League, Football Continues
September 23, 2005 News:
Words Fly at Landfill Meeting
Destruction Horrifies Local Animal Rescuers
Partnership Unveils New Vice President

Wildcats Best Blue Devils
Comets Halt Bears
It's Not Just About the Game
September 20, 2005 News:
Former DPW Leaders Face Criminal Charges
Wurtsboro Church Marks Its 200th
FEMA and Flood Repairs Bleeding Rockland Dry

Yellowjackets Find a Way to Dominate
New Soccer Field Opens
Chester Powers Past Tri-Valley
September 16, 2005 News:
Salvation Army Closing Local Office
Low Turnout in Tuesday's Primary
Landmark Sign Taken Down

Panthers Outjump Red Raiders
Bulldogs Attack Indians
Monticello Hosts Big Track Meet
September 13, 2005 News:
Airport's Owner Takes Town to Task
Fallsburg Meeting Draws Huge Crowd
Helping Those Who Need It Most

Warriors Fall to Yellowjackets
Bears Bedeviled
Meet the New Hall of Famers
September 9, 2005 News:
New DPW Commish Faces Challenges
When She Took a Fall, Everyone Came Running
Katrina Victims Become Responders

Indians Knocked Down
Bulldogs Spiked
Bears Claw Their Way to the Top
September 6, 2005 News:
County Natives Deal With Disaster
New Manager, New Charter?
Hearing Bells? So Do They!

Yellowjackets Knock Down Wildcats
Delhi Rolls Over Bulldogs
Indians Begin Anew
September 2, 2005 News:
Say Goodbye to $2 and Hello to $3 a Gallon
Locals Enjoy Taping of CNBC Show
Aiming for Housing Rather Than a Village

And the Winner Is . . .
School Teams Ready for a New Season
$10,000 Headed South
August 30, 2005 News:
State's Insurance Chief Lauds Frontier's Recovery
Wurtsboro Airport Debate Deepens
Residents Impatient With Landfill Response

Checkered Flag Gets a Bit Dusty
Yellowjackets Are Prepared
Fancy Footwork Comes to Liberty
August 26, 2005 News:
DPW's Caraluzzo Takes the Stand
Wurtsboro Airport Talk Draws a Crowd
Plans for Village Are No More

'Fit' Players Win League Title
Roscoe, Manor Join Forces
Ma and Pa's Initially Holds Off Factory
August 23, 2005 News:
Some Charges Against DPW Worker Withdrawn
First, It Was a Church, Now It's Their Home
Discount Drug Card Debuts

Bombers Fly to the Top
Off to the Championship
Players Prove They're 'Fit'
August 19, 2005 News:
Dan Briggs Axed
Bestselling Author Sets New Book in County
If Munson's Walls Could Only Talk

Charlie's Angels Start Off Strong
New Hope Leaps Over the Nugget
Kiamesha Lanes Welcomes Manager
August 16, 2005 News:
County Manager's Fate Discussed
Plane Crashes in White Sulphur Springs
Toronto Road Handed to Bethel

'Democrat' Is Humid, Hot and a Lot of Fun
Swan Lake Takes the Cake
Young Martial Artists Compete in Florida
August 12, 2005 News:
SW Residents Vent to State Ed. Officials
County Manager's Job in Jeopardy?
Fallsburg Project Upsets Residents

Softball League Playoffs Get Going
Democrat Reporter Speeds Down Raceway
Swan Lake FD Tops WSSFD
August 9, 2005 News:
Smalltown Spirit Alive at Jamboree
Village Hearing Set for September
Criticism of Plant Joined by Lawsuit

Players Demonstrate High Degree of Skill
It WAS a Monster
Seattle Supersonics Player Stops By
August 5, 2005 News:
Landfill Conference, Tour Stir Emotions
Woodstock 'Reunion' Permit Is Denied
Construction Begins on Fire Training Center

Kids Light Up 'Night Out'
Golfers Use Skills to Benefit Others
Democrat Tourney Has Two Spots Open
August 2, 2005 News:
Gavin DeGraw Comes Home
NYC's Mayor Stops by County
Landfill Conference Begins Today

Locals Compete in Empire State Games
As Summer Winds Down, Hoops League Plays Off
County Fishermen Compete Upstate
July 29, 2005 News:
Horrific Accident Claims Six Youth
Blaze Demolishes Huge Chicken Coop
Top SED Brass Coming to SW

Meet the Winners of the River Run
Just Call Them 'Mini-Generals'
Kids Get Chance to Meet Mets Player
July 26, 2005 News:
Thompson Mulls Creation of Village
National Park Service Chief Takes River Ride
Riverfest Celebrates Nature and People

Montgomery Resident Is Queen of Raceway
Ma's and Pa's Pull Ahead
Players, Fans Enjoy 'Fun Night'
July 22, 2005 News:
The Transformation of the Valley View
Wurtsboro Airport Eyed by Mamakating
Bethel ZBA Denies Camping Permit

Newburgh Overcomes Liberty All-Stars
Fans Cheer on the Battle of the FDs
These Girls Have Got Game
July 19, 2005 News:
Firefighters Credited With Saving Raleigh
More Dirt Dug Up on DPW Scandal
Board, Public Wrestle Over Valley View House

Mets Player Stops by Monticello
Chrysler Donates to Local Tourney
Beauty 'Reins' at Raceway
July 15, 2005 News:
Mamakating Officials Work to Reopen Bridge
Whither Goest Casinos?
Woodstock 'Reunion' Remains Controversial

Meet a Real 'Marathon Man'
WSSFD Gets Its Revenge
Dutch's Pushes Cobbler's Away
July 12, 2005 News:
Three Major Projects Planned in Manor
Government Center Security Under Review
SW Schools Remain Shut

State Champs Crowned in Mongaup Valley
Fighting Fires Race Lives Up to Its Name
International Coach Holds Soccer Clinic
July 8, 2005 News:
Gov't. Center Fire Was Arson
Former DPW Commish Returns
Roscoe Bids Farewell to Fireman, Serviceman

Native Honored at Shea Stadium
Little Fellows League Plays All-Star Game
Cooper Paint Keeps on Winning
July 5, 2005 News:
SW Board to Vote on Closures Again
DOT Has Big Plans for Liberty
Hess Officially Named Chamber's President

L&B Tack Comes From Behind
All-Star Falls Out of Reach
How the Bears Fared
July 1, 2005 News:
Fire Cleanup Is Massive
SW Board Grants Pay Hike to Supt.
Couple, Guest Die Inside Rock Hill Home

Meet a Mighty Softball Team
Spartans Fall
Bulldogs Run Through Season
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