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If Werner listened to the REAL science and read the REAL data on who covid was affecting, she wouldn't worry about her granddaughter who she says is is not yet able to be vaccinated. She should be worried about the growing number of colleges age students who were vaccinated and are now being diagnosed with enlarged hearts. She should be worried about the teenage girl who is now paralyzed after getting the shots and the thirteen years old boy who died in his sleep a few days after getting the shots. Every time once revered doctors and scientists speak out against these vaccines and WHY they are against them, they are attacked and silenced by the one sided media. Werner chooses to believe everything the bought and paid for "experts" are dictating. Forget the fact that they flip flop on their opinions from week to week when told to do so. FEAR is the number once reason (and so well used by the media) that people are still wearing masks when outside, when in their own home, when driving alone in their car...

From: Please get your Vaccine and/or Mask Up!

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