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Chinese have a different mindset for public safety - that's right the disease started there. Sometimes personal choice must be curtailed for the common good - ARE you sure this woman is from China, communist China?

You're saying our Freedoms are detrimental to the common-good, I think you have covered that more than 100% while you're pushing China here.

Call you a cynic? No I would call you a few things, more than that for the stupid things you have said and pushed in the past.

You don't trust your fellow human being to be truthful, do us all a favor keep the mask on and put another above it and do what the CDC said about people 65 and over = stay home, do a little food shopping and STAY HOME - but you went out!

What would you know about being a responsible member of society after trashing a sitting president for so long?

From: Please get your Vaccine and/or Mask Up!

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