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Sportsman Outdoors:
2008 in review

By Kay and Jack Danchak
The year of 2008 was a very interesting and exciting one and presented many memories. Some of the highlights we reported on include:
January - Harris Myers of Kauneonga Lake replaces Cliff Horton as chairman of the Habitat Committee of the Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs of Sullivan County. Cliff, after serving the Federation for many years in this capacity, decided it was time to step down.
The Federation, the Sullivan County Democrat, and the Ten Mile River Boy Scouts sponsored a Youth Ice Fishing Derby contest on private Crystal Lake, owned by the Boy Scouts. It attracted more than 100 people, including 65 youth.
February - The Federation sponsored its first three-day statewide Coyote Hunt Contest with a grand prize of $2,000 for the heaviest, $200 for the heaviest each day and $100 for every coyote entered. At the roast beef dinner held at the White Sulphur Springs Firehouse, Robert Mir of Ferndale received a check of $2,000 for his 46 lb. coyote. The contest attracted 530 hunters, making it the largest coyote contest held in New York State.
The Forz or Morz Hunting Club of Cochecton, along with the Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, held the Jerry Sheppard Memorial ice-fishing contest on Mitchell Pond. A total of 75 youth, along with adults, enjoyed this special day.
March - Josh Campfield of Narrowsburg trapped a 32 lb. coyote.
Carl Lindsley of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) said he completed banding wild turkey, 46 males and 52 females.
April - The Federation hosts its annual Awards and Wildgame Dinner. Josh Campfield was named the “2007 Junior Sportsman of the Year.” Paige LaPolt received the Art TerBush Memorial Award (a knife) and Jim Hemmer of the Sullivan County Friends of the NRA chapter presented a National Rifle Association grant of $5,000 to the Federation. Kay Danchak and her committee had 25 different dishes of wildgame and fish for all to enjoy. Winners of the youth and adult Game and Fish yearly contest were announced.
May - Congratulations to some lucky turkey hunters: Pat Cunningham, 19.8 lbs., Jim Kelly, 17.6 lbs., Jason Stanton, 17.8 lbs., Lowell Stanton, 19.13 lbs., Harold Barber, 21.2 lbs.,Barbara Weiss, 16.3 lbs., and Jim Hammett, 25.7 lbs.
June - Bass season opens, and the Sullivan County Bass Association’s bass tournaments begin. Early winners are: Ken Ingoglia, 9.4 lbs. of bass on Hunter Lake; Jack Danchak, 13.8 lbs. of bass on Toronto Reservoir, and Bill Danchak, 11.1 lbs. of bass on Swan Lake.
The Federation presents a $2,000 scholarship to Tri-Valley Central School senior Garrett Grey to further his education in college.
July - Some more bass tournament winners include Bill Danchak, 13.14 lbs. on Lake Superior; Jonathan Sunshine, 7.9 lbs. on Washington Lake; and Jack Danchak, 12.1 lbs. on Sackett Lake.
August - Bass tourney winners are Jonathan Sunshine, 4 lbs. on White Lake and 3.14 lbs. on Morningside Lake; Keith Manzolillo, 11.8 lbs. on Highland Lake; and Bill Danchak, 12.8 lbs. on Lake Huntington.
September - Federation held its annual Youth Outdoor Expo at the Grahamsville Fairgrounds. A total of 239 youngsters, along with their supervising adults, enjoyed a full day of visiting the many exhibitors and learning all about the great outdoors.
Some more bass tournament winners were: Bill Danchak, who won Swinging Bridge Reservoir (10.7 lbs.) and Hunter Lake (8.7 lbs.), Jack Danchak (10.13) at Crystal Lake.
October - Federation holds its annual Dinner Banquet at the Rockland House in Roscoe. Ray Herbert is named the “2008 Sportsman of the Year.” Special recognition is given to Sullivan County Treasurer Ira Cohen and Deputy Treasurer Nancy Buck. Federation President Jack Danchak called Nancy donating one of her kidneys to Ira “a Sullivan County miracle.” Winners of the Federation Sweepstakes were drawn and announced.
Sullivan County Bass Association tournament winners include Jonathan Sunshine, who won Sackett Lake, with 8.1 lbs. of bass; and Bill Danchak who won Highland Lake, with 8.2 lbs., and the Hudson River, with 6.3 lbs.
November - Sullivan County Bass Association announced its winners: 2008 Angler of the Year - Bill Danchak; First place - Bill Danchak (127.2 lbs.); Second place - Jack Danchak (104.5 lbs.) and Third place - Jonathan Sunshine (82.4 lbs.). Heaviest largemouth (6.3 lbs.) - Keith Manzolillo and heaviest smallmouth (4.4 lbs.) - Jack Danchak.
December - Pennsylvania’s bear season came to a close and 3,004 bear were taken, making this their third best bear season.
The Federation elected Officers and a Trustee for 2009: President Jack Danchak, Vice President Hank Samyn, Secretary Edna Calkin, Treasurer - Ray Herbert and Trustee for three years - Andy Segar.