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Lori Brown | Democrat

FALLSBURG "DREAM TEAM" members Herb “The Herbinator” Foertsch (40) and Lynn Colavito (28) try to stop the Harlem Rockets’ Tony “Show-Time” Springer from driving to the basket.

Home of the Comets rocked by visitors from Harlem

By Lori Brown
FALLSBURG — The Harlem Rockets Comedy Basketball team visited Fallsburg High School on Thursday night to take on the Fallsburg “Dream Team” in a fundraiser game.
The game helped support and raise money for the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and the Student Government Association (SGA) at Fallsburg’s Benjamin Cosor Elementary School.
It was an enjoyable evening for basketball fans of all ages.
The Harlem Rockets have been entertaining folks with their basketball skills for 15 years. The Rockets’ roster for Thursday night’s game included Angelo “Lo” Gorden, Anthony “Bushwick” Gorden, Darryl “Hi-Rise” Owens, Pat “The Roc” Robinson, Tony “Show-Time” Springer and Devin “Biz” Thompson.
The referee for the game was Taj and the emcee for the evening was Rudy “The Motivator” Johnson.
Coach Charlie Levine guided the Fallsburg “Dream Team,” which included Tim Bult, Lynn Colavito, Lawrence Doto, Pete Dworetsky, Herb “The Herbinator” Foertsch, Michael “The Hitman” Geller, Jennie “Real Deal” Gilberg, Susan Kentop, Paul Marsden, Phil “The Butcher” Motl, Adam Ramirez, Daniel “The General” Redmond, Neil “The Nightmare” Sapolsky, Jaryl “Gee Smooth” Scott, Mike “The Quiet Tornado” St. Lawrence, Mike “The Hammer” Williams and Simmie “The Chief” Williams.
In the first quarter, the Rockets outscored the “Dream Team” 18 to 13.
Prior to the start of the second period, the Fallsburg Comets basketball cheerleaders performed a quick routine to inspire the “Dream Team.”
With only 2:26 left in the quarter, the Rockets had a 38-27 lead. At that time, the kids in the audience were invited to step onto the gym floor to do the cha-cha slide dance. They all had a great time dancing and then returned to their seats for the completion of the first half.
Following the second quarter, there was a brief intermission so that the kids could get autographs from the Rocket players. The Rockets also picked a few children from the audience to play a tough and tricky game of catch.
Tickets were also drawn during halftime for some nice raffle prizes.
Before the third quarter got underway, the Comets cheerleaders put on a great halftime show.
With 4:35 left in the third period, the Rockets were still ahead, 50-36.
They then called another timeout so the kids could join in another dance. The kids danced to the Soulja Boy song “Crank dat Soulja Boy.”
The Rockets maintained their lead in the fourth quarter to record a 77-59 victory over the “Dream Team.”
Among the people who made the fundraiser event possible were Benjamin Cosor Elementary School PTA President Kristen Meyer, Treasurer Debbie Bullock and board members Tamara Depuy, Vanessa Fraser and Helen Moore.
“It was a great turnout and it was a nice family event,” Bullock said.
“It was nice to see different kids come out with their family,” Meyer commented.