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Kenoza Lake - June 12

Susan Brown Otto - Community Correspondent
Posted 6/11/20

Greetings to all. As I write this Kenoza Lake news column, it is pouring rain. We need the rain, as things had gotten rather dry. The famers were happy with the stretch of dry and sunny weather that …

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Kenoza Lake - June 12


Greetings to all. As I write this Kenoza Lake news column, it is pouring rain. We need the rain, as things had gotten rather dry. The famers were happy with the stretch of dry and sunny weather that we had earlier this week, as they could get some hay made.

Faithful readers of this column will recall that a few years back, my husband Ray and I were involved with helping Rudy the rescued, orphaned baby raccoon grow up before being released into the wild. (Just a reminder, the DEC law requires that one is a licensed rehabilitator to do this as raccoons are carriers of rabies.)

This week, Ray and I were involved with relocating some orphaned infant woodchucks. The mother and five woodchucks decided to set up the infirmary under some Old Taylor Road neighbors' back deck. Someone was recruited to what was thought to be, just a woodchuck. So, the adult woodchuck was successfully trapped and relocated but two weeks later, five baby woodchucks appeared. The neighbors bought “Have a Heart” traps and at least three of the five were trapped. Ray relocated two of them on the family farm and one went to Pucky Huddle Road. Two more to go.

Our friend Carl Lindsley, retired DEC Wildlife Biologist tells us that you do not need to be a licensed rehabilitator to raise an orphaned infant woodchuck and that woodchucks can make a nice pet.

Neighbor Susan Harte may have a family of baby fishers near her property. Fishers are nasty animals. They are the only animal that will kill a porcupine. Plus, they will climb trees. Turtles are busy laying eggs.

The Kenoza Lake United Methodist Church will be re-opening soon. I am not at liberty to give you the specific date yet and some exciting news about our new pastor, however as soon as I have the authorization, I will be sure to let you know!

You may have noticed that the front doors to the Kenoza Lake United Methodist Church recently got a fresh coat of stain. Thank you, John LeConey for restaining them for us! They look terrific. (John is the brother of Bud LeConey) About ten years ago, those church doors were installed. There was a debate as to what color stain or color one should make the doors. The decision was to stain the doors. However, if you look around the county, and not just Sullivan County, around the front doors to Methodist churches are frequently stained red.

Last weekend I saw Bethel neighbor Brad Theis, a faithful reader of this column. He told me how much he enjoyed reading about the fawns in last Friday's Kenoza Lake News column. Last Sunday morning I watched a doe and fawn, right near the Jeffersonville United Methodist Church.

Swallowtail butterflies are fluttering about the countryside. Ray and I have a family of red foxes living at our Pucky Huddle property. Two parents and three kits. We have named the parents Mike and Marie. The peepers are done peeping. Tree toads are now croaking. Peonies are about to bloom.

Fireflies/lightening bugs will soon be appearing as will mountain laurel and strawberries. Bobolinks have nested in tall hay fields. Hopefully, they can raise their young ones before the farmer arrives to mow the hay. It appears there are very few deer ticks this year. Also, no tent caterpillars.

If you are looking for something to plant in your food plot, go to Cochecton Mills and check out their Dunstan Chestnut and pear trees.

Chris Cunningham advises me that the Kauneonga Lake Farmers' Market is starting on Saturday, June 27th and will end on Saturday, September 5th. The market will be located next to the Veterans' Memorial Park, at the triangle in Kauneonga Lake, from 10 am to 1 pm.


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