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Kenoza Lake - May 1

Susan Brown Otto - Community Correspondent
Posted 4/30/20

Although it seems that most of April 2020's weather has been cold and wet and more often than not miserable, spring has still been forging ahead. Yesterday, April 29th, the Red-Breasted Grosbeaks …

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Kenoza Lake - May 1


Although it seems that most of April 2020's weather has been cold and wet and more often than not miserable, spring has still been forging ahead. Yesterday, April 29th, the Red-Breasted Grosbeaks arrived at the bird feeder. Another sure sign of spring. The female Red-winged blackbirds have arrived. Soon the hummingbirds and Baltimore Orioles will be here. I have already gotten out the hummingbird feeder out of storage, although it is not yet out.

April 2020 -

Four red fox kits

The past several years, my husband Ray and I had a family of gray foxes that appeared during the summer. We primarily saw the male gray fox, whom we called Fred. He got tame as he would come up to the back deck when I called out his name. Then we would toss him chicken bones and bread off the back deck. Although we saw a lot of Fred, we only got to see the kits on a handful of occasions, normally in late August.

This year, we have not yet seen Fred the Gray Fox, but we have been delighted to see a Red Fox and four kits. What a delight to see, frisky, full of the devil. However yesterday Ray saw an eagle down by the den and then we only counted three kits. Hopefully, the eagle did not get one of the kits. A friend from New Jersey shared with me, a photo of the first Fawn of the year, that was born in New Jersey. Most likely the result of last fall's mini rut. Soon we will be seeing fawns.

My mother, Marguerite Brown, went to purchase some wooden matches recently at a local grocery store. The checkout person asked her for her date of birth, and she asked why? They need it prior to selling her the matches, just like buying beer and cigarettes. Are you kidding? Those of you who know my Mother know that although she looks great for her age, she is not a teenager and is not in her 20s or 30s.

My mother has around eight blue bird houses on her front porch that are made by Ward Blade. If you love blue birds and want a blue bird house for your property or maybe a Mother's Day present for your loved one? Then please contact my mother, Marguerite Brown at (845) 482-4665. The blue bird boxes are free; however, Ward just requests that you donate to a Sullivan County food pantry. This past Tuesday's Sullivan County Democrat, page 2B had a large announcement of where one can donate.

If you decide to “purchase via a donation” one of these blue bird houses, please do some reading as to the dos and don'ts of where to place the blue bird house. Blue birds are very particular. You must concern yourself with the height of the bird house, wind direction, where to face the bird house. Regardless, it will be an absolute joy to have a family of bluebirds if you can.

Not sure if you watched Wheel of Fortune on Monday, April 27th, however, Nora and Tim Manzoillo's son James was on it as a contestant. Nora and Tim attended the taping of the show, that took place in San Francisco, last month, March. James works with the International Bird Rescue organization in California. James won a respectable amount of money. Congratulations James!

The Kenoza Lake United Methodist Church is now having services in the Old Taylor Road sanctuary; however, Pastor Bridgette LeConey of the White Sulphur Springs church tapes a service each week. You can find it on her YouTube channel. In addition to this week's service, archived services can be found on her YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/


You can also go to the Kenoza Lake United Methodist Church website of Facebook page.

Update on The Fosterdale Café. Betty Snedeker advises me that they hope/plan to re-open on Wednesday, May 13th. For the time being, they plan on selling ice cream and fried chicken.

Faithful readers of this column know that I love birds. The late Barbara Hahn was a faithful reader of my Kenoza Lake News Column. She would periodically email me with information about nature.

I was very touched when her son Kurt called me a few weeks ago, to tell me that his sister Lisa and he were going to give to me, Mrs. Hahn's Sullivan County bird watching book, called A Birding Guide To: Sullivan County New York, by John H. Haas.

I have now received Mrs. Hahn's bird book, that I will forever treasure. Whenever I consult it, I will affectionately remember Dr. George and Barbara Hahn. Thank you, Kurt and Lisa.

Happy Birthday wishes to Jane Fulton!


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