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Kenoza Lake - May 22

Susan Brown Otto - Community Correspondent
Posted 5/21/20

Greetings to all, on a truly glorious, (a little bit of a nippy), May day here in Bethel.

Faithful readers of this column know that I was in a vehicle accident a few years ago. In fact, the date …

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Kenoza Lake - May 22


Greetings to all, on a truly glorious, (a little bit of a nippy), May day here in Bethel.

Faithful readers of this column know that I was in a vehicle accident a few years ago. In fact, the date was Tuesday, May 19th, 2015.

Hard to believe that five years have already passed from that fateful day when I passed out, driving my husband Ray's new pick-up truck, 3:00 in the afternoon, enroute to East Stroudsburg, PA. I crossed the highway, snapped a utility pole and hit a tree head on and totaled the truck. I spent nine days in the hospital and what was the cause? Lyme disease. Atrioventricular block. Thank you, God, for sparing my life, hard to believe that five years have passed.

I have written before how dangerous the traffic is on Route 17B. Since I live on dead end road Pucky Huddle Road, if I am to go anyplace (other than Pucky Huddle road) I must deal with Route 17B. It was amazing how often Route 17B was empty of all traffic these past two months, although it seems as though the traffic is picking up here, this past week. Anyways, I am a big believer in trying to prevent traffic accidents, especially along Route 17B.

Occasionally, I go to the Citgo gas station in White Lake. There is a traffic light as you exit. There is a big dip in the road. It really is not designed all that well. Recently, there was a big three-foot log as well as a two-part, cement thing that is about three feet long as well. These two, dangerous obstacles migrated right next to where you exit.

A real hazard, especially if you are trying to make a right on red. I tried to move the cement thing myself, but it was heavy. I complained to the person working at the store, then I pointed this out to the Town of Bethel police, and then it happened again.

I complained again to the store and guy said he just worked there. I then called Town of Bethel Supervisor Dan Sturm. In less than 10 minutes, Building Inspector Gregg Semenetz buzzed to the place and rectified the situation. Thank you Supervisor Sturm and Building Inspector Semenetz. I really appreciate the speedy attention you have given to this dangerous situation.

I watched the United Methodist Church service that was posted on the Kenoza Lake UMC website, for Sunday, May 17th. Excellent service Pastor Bridgette. Stay connected via Facebook or the website. The Kenoza Lake Stone Arch Inn is open for takeouts. Go to Facebook for the menu and the hours. The Fosterdale Café (formerly known as The Chicken Coop) is back open for business. Also, The Dancing Cat and Big Kev's.

Saturday, May 23rd is World Turtle Day. Soon we will start to see many turtles along and in our back roads, as this is their annual turtle egg laying time. Please share the roads with our turtles. If you can safely do so, please stop and help escort the turtle across the road. Beware of snappers. I have a kid snow shovel in my car trunk, and I help push along a snapper. Or I warn oncoming traffic of the turtle. Your safety first of course. It pains me to see a dead turtle along our roads.

Last weekend, there were Chorus frogs at the Otto, Pucky Huddle pond. Happy to report that we had honeybees on our apple blossoms as well as a Baltimore Oriole! We had an Indigo Bunting bird at our bird feeder for a few days. Wow! What a gorgeous, tiny bird.

Faithful readers of this column know that my husband Ray is a big hunter. I kid people that I live with two hunters, Ray, a two-legged hunter and Willy, our cat, who is a four-legged hunter. (Willy's specialty is chipmunks, moles, and mice)

May is turkey hunting month and during May, you can only hunt a bearded gobbler (male) turkey between sunrise and noon. So, over the years, I have heard of a bearded hen, but have you ever heard of a gobbler without a beard? A gobbler without a beard is not a legal turkey. Ray was out hunting this past week with Carl Lindsley and both Ray and Carl saw this beardless gobbler at a secret location. Food for thought: Are beardless gobblers and bearded hens transgender turkeys?

This week I received a wonderful email from former Jeffersonville residents Len & JoAnne Scullion. They currently live in Georgia and have spent the past two months in Georgia. They subscribe to the Sullivan County Democrat and read my column last week about the Baltimore Orioles. They shared a photo with me of a Baltimore Oriole drinking nectar from a hummingbird feeder.

A big shout out to our local firemen for all that they do too. Last Friday I was in White Lake when the first call went out for the Hendrickson fire on Gabriel Road. White Lake Fire Company chief, Josh Cunningham, and his crew as well as many other companies were there for five hours, fighting a very nasty fire. SHOUT TO OUR LOCAL FIREMEN.

Thank you, Chief Cunningham, and all our volunteer Firemen. I tip my hat to you all.

Happy to report that Rudy the raccoon paid the Otto residence at least two visits this past week. Somehow our cat Willy can happily co-exist with our nighttime visitors, including not only Rudy the raccoon but our opossum, skunk and dare I say, the bears that pay us periodic visits? I call Willy Dr. Doolittle.

So, during this Memorial Day weekend, please be sure to pause and reflect and meditate upon the sacrifices so many before us, have made, so that we can enjoy the freedom that we enjoy.

Our heartfelt appreciation to all the courageous men who gave their lives so that we might live our lives in freedom.


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