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Kenoza Lake - May 8

Susan Brown Otto - Community Correspondent
Posted 5/7/20

I write the Kenoza Lake news, early on Thursday mornings. This morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see this month's full moon still in the sky, the Flower Moon, the last of this year's three …

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Kenoza Lake - May 8


I write the Kenoza Lake news, early on Thursday mornings. This morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see this month's full moon still in the sky, the Flower Moon, the last of this year's three supermoons. Maybe you will be able catch a glimpse of it on Friday evening.

Part of my normal, weekly routine is going most Saturdays to the Cochecton Transfer Station (formerly known as “the dump”). Last Saturday, I was disappointed to see that the hours of service were changed from Wednesdays and Saturdays to Wednesdays and Fridays. I contacted my county Legislator, Rob Doherty and shared this information with him.

Yesterday, I was ecstatic to receive a call from Rob saying that our county Legislators were working super hard to get the Friday opening back to Saturday. So, stay tuned. Not sure what it will be, however, let us keep our fingers crossed that they are able to get it back to Saturday. Thanks Rob!

So, some of our seasonal businesses are re-opening. Big Kev's, out near the White Lake Dollar General, on Route 17B is now open. Betty and Dan Snedeker's The Fosterdale Café is supposed to re-open on May 13. If you are looking for delicious take out food and service with a smile, don't forget Sorealla's Italian family restaurant in Kauneonga Lake. Jerry, Chrissy, Teresa and Michelle have been there throughout the past few weeks, ready to assist you with your takeout needs.

Thank you, Town of Bethel Supervisor Dan Sturm, for checking into the state of Spectrum cable/broadband service. I was very happy to learn that the Brown family farm on Old Taylor Road is scheduled to get Spectrum service within the next 12 months. I shared the link with neighbors along Old Taylor Road and Perry Road and they too, are scheduled to get Spectrum service within the next 12 months. I believe that more people from New York City will be moving to live in Sullivan County year-round. Broadband for all is imperative. Yesterday I discussed this topic with my Sullivan County Legislator Rob Doherty. We must, we must, we must!

Last week, we had a super windy day. Everyone on Pucky Huddle Road lost power. A tree blew across Perry Road, near the Kask residence. I contacted our Town of Bethel Highway Superintended Rob Bonnaci. Rob was super responsive regarding the power issue and downed tree. Many thanks! Rob tells me that potholes will start to be filled on Pucky Huddle Road next week.

Faithful readers of this column know that I love birds. This past week has been the best week of the year for bird news and spring arrivals. First, Betty Neer called me on Thursday, April 30 to say that her Rose-breasted Grosbeaks arrived. Then, Carl Lindsley called to tell me that his hummingbird arrived on May 1 (mine arrived on Monday, May 4.) Betty Neer called me again and said she had Baltimore Orioles arrive on May 1 and Rita Sheehan's Baltimore Orioles arrived on May 4. My chatty wrens arrived on Saturday, May 2. I have been saving old oranges throughout the winter and now, put them out for the Baltimore Orioles and Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks, What gorgeous, colorful birds!

My husband Ray and his buddy Carl Lindsley went turkey hunting, early, Thursday morning, May 7. They just came in for some coffee, 7 a.m. They were both happy to report that they heard a whippoorwill on the Brown family farm. A rare occurrence these days. Congratulations to my nephew Alex Brown on his first turkey, Sunday, May 3.

I had been watching a pair of Canada Geese on Burr Road, Krantz's Pond. The father was such a patient and wonderful sentry, while his wife incubated the eggs. Patience rewarded! There are now five baby geese. What a sight to see, when they swim in the pond with one parent in the front, baby geese in between and second parent at the end. Also, my mother has nine baby geese at her Brown Farm pond, that is going through reconstruction.

Another week of covid-19 lock “lockdown”. Hey, Governor Cuomo, we need to be smart and start to loosen things up a bit here in rural, Sullivan County. Please let our businesses apply some common sense and re-open their stores. I would like to go to shops like Sue Bodenstein's The Secret Garden. Why can't the store be by appointment only? Our main streets are hurting. We do not have a dirty subway system that we have to use to get to work.

Remember the song from Les Misérables? Do You Hear the People Sing? For some reason I have recently been singing this song to myself. Below are some of the words from the finale?

“Do you hear the people sing

Lost in the valley of the night

It is the music of a people

Who are climbing to the light

For the wretched of the earth

There is a flame that never dies

Even the darkest night will end

And the sun will rise.

They will live again in freedom

In the garden of the Lord

They will walk behind the plough-share

They will put away the sword

The chain will be broken

And all men will have their reward!

Will you join in our crusade?

Who will be strong and stand with me?”


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