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Liberty - April 14

Fran Kurpil - Community Correspondent
Posted 4/13/20

After my last Liberty report, I was encouraged by positive messages from readers. One was from Ellen K. “So glad for Liberty news.”

I have been trying to get some feedback from various local …

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Liberty - April 14


After my last Liberty report, I was encouraged by positive messages from readers. One was from Ellen K. “So glad for Liberty news.”

I have been trying to get some feedback from various local insiders who are part of “workings.”

John Liddle, our Deputy County Manager was very quick with his update and I certainly appreciate that or I might have to go back to my real-estate stories to fill my space.

John Liddle said he has been very busy managing the County emergency response so that Josh Potosek, the County Manager can maintain the big picture. We thank Josh & John for going above and beyond at this stressful time. He said that our Revitalizing Liberty Group will get back to plans when we can.

RECOVERY WORKING GROUP: This from John Liddle. I was very happy to hear that this group of County Staff, Roberta Byron-Lockwood, Marc Baez, Jaime Schmeiser from the County Chamber, and Jen Flad are working with John Liddle to promote County businesses, collecting data from all our local businesses in an effort to help with possible loan and grant possibilities. If I was a business owner I'm sure that would be a great comfort.

My notes from Supervisor Frank DeMayo were encouraging in that he said his office is keeping up with work as best they can, splitting work days and working from home to be aware of any critical aspects. Thank you Frank and your Staff. My thanks also to Brian McPhillips for his good words regarding Town business and their remote Board Meetings. Brian is also in real estate and knows when things get back to usual he will be very busy selling.

A LIBERTY MEMORY: I'm sure many people remember a precious statue that, for years, was on the lawn at the Town office building. It was maybe four feet tall, a little girl and boy carrying an umbrella. A year or two ago I tried to find out what happened to it, as it was gone. I don't know the history of it, or the year it was placed, but I think it was there when I was a kid (many years ago..ha). Maybe a reader can provide some background. I FOUND IT…Our historian, Bill Cogswell told me it had been badly damaged, I suppose old age. It was not stone, but was metal. He took me to see it, and yes, it was beyond repair.

LIBERTY SKATE PARK: One of my daughters said a few weeks ago she chatted with some teens at the skate park who were enjoying a sunny afternoon. They told her they would like some bigger jumps. OMG...do we have to set up a first-aid shed? That skating activity is on hold for now. We can't encourage them to hang together for a while.

A BIT OF DEMENTIA: Many of us know somebody who has suffered from dementia. A friend who does private nursing in California recently told me about a very interesting medical finding. Her patient was an elderly man who had bouts of dementia. The Doctor said it is caused often by dehydration and lack of nytrates.

SO...A MIRACULOUS CURE: A glass of Gatorade, lemon & lime three times a day. This nurse was so excited to spread the word. Certainly can't hurt. We'll await a good report.

LIBERTY THEATER: I am hoping to get to talk to Bruce Davidson, the money and brains behind this Main Street project. Six months ago there were posted pictures of interior work being done on the second floor. The window in the picture said “law office” (Either Altbach or Gross, I imagine). Lynn Killian remembers her grandfather, Stuart Farrand, had his insurance there for many years. My daughter, Jennifer Diehl remembers working in the theater with Alan Berube running films. She worked with Loews in Long Island so knew the operation. Bruce Davidson reminded us that “this is a restore project so you only get the $1 million grant when you are finished. You have to put your own money up first”. He sent out a great thank you to Northwoods Restoration in Buffalo for all the hard work on the windows which are being installed. Looking at those windows from across the street you can see they are very different from anything made today. So Bruce knew where and how to get the historic replacements.

THE LIBERTY MALL: Good news. The County Visitors Association will be relocating to the spaces that were occupied by my former real estate office and Jim Hopkins EEA Security office at the Mall. I was recently talking to Jim Donahue, the Mall manager and he said the two spaces will be combined, giving more square footage. What a great location, right off exit 100. Hopefully the exit will be well-marked.

When we traveled with our kids cross-country we depended on those stops. I can imagine lots of visitors coming, stopping at the Liberty Diner and perhaps getting the Mall owner to advertise for tenants in this beautiful building...Remember Sullivans.

FERNDALE: I had a little chat with Maurice Gerry about things in his area. I have to say what an attractive area he set aside for his colorful Dove in the DOVE TRAIL effort. It is shortly after you get off the exit, a nice entry to the area. I'm hoping he will keep involved with Liberty Town business as he's an old timer like me, and we usually think on the same page. I asked him about Inn By The Falls which was a favorite place years back. To have dinner there and see the beautiful falls was a rare thing. No, he said all is quiet. He is optimistic though.

PARKSVILLE: I see some positive initiatives and tried to get more information on the future of Fiddles IceCream Store but had to leave messages. My girls group have always enjoyed the hiking trail there. Cabernet Frank's lively restaurant and bar has great entertainment and is a nice place to visit. I also have to stop to see my friend, Cas Longobardi at the gas station and get the best pizza. I sold him a beautiful property years ago. Well, he made it beautiful with vegetable gardens and a gathering building for those parties with the Italian touch.

HOME SCHOOL: I am impressed by the parents who are keeping up with daily school work with their students. All our great technology makes it possible. I know my grandchildren work as if they are in class and get the work back to their teachers. Aunt Chrissy started her class with Garrett, with the Pledge of Allegiance. He interrupted and said he needed a flag, and quickly ran to get his paper and crayons. Of course he knew he needed to start and end with a red stripe and said he would just make circles instead of stars. It was an interruption but Aunt Chrissy said it was a good lesson, in the best spirit. There he stood in a few minutes with his hand over his heart.

EASTER and SEDER: A rare weekend and I hope everyone had virtual connections with their loved ones at this time where we especially need prayer. Our usual big family gathering around the table, will have to wait. On Palm Sunday we always go to church and bring home some palm branches. This year, Father David, our Priest in Livingston Manor, did not want us all to forget about the triumphant journey of Jesus into Jerusalem, so he drove around to his parishioner's homes and quietly left palm on porches. We thank you Father David and pray this trial will soon be over.

PASSOVER - SEDER: I have an E-mail friend in Florida who fills me in on my Jewish questions. He just sent me a picture of a Seder plate. Hopefully we stay safe and get through this all.

If any reader has something to include in this column, send me a note. My best to all.

God Bless America.


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