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Robert Ramsay

July 7, 1951 ~ January 3, 2024

Posted 1/19/24

We were raised by a stubborn, sweet old-school Italian gruff man. He was our   protector and most loyal ally. He would   stick up for us – even when we were in the wrong (although …

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Robert Ramsay

July 7, 1951 ~ January 3, 2024


We were raised by a stubborn, sweet old-school Italian gruff man. He was our  protector and most loyal ally. He would  stick up for us – even when we were in the wrong (although behind closed doors he’d rip us into shreds). He and our mother demonstrated to all of us what true love is and what a marriage looks like with respect, sacrifice and love. We  were the luckiest children because we were his kids. His grandchildren were even luckier, they got a mellow grandpa who simply adored them. He spent time teaching us how to survive in this world.  Although I still can’t change a car tire (because clearly, I’m a “stunad”), but I  can pull the ink out of a squid in order to make calamari for the Christmas Eve Feast of the Seven Fishes. He taught us how to chop and sauté fresh garlic in olive oil “just right,” a light slap on the  back of the head with “you’re such a scutch” was a term of endearment in our house. My brothers were schooled in how to properly utilize every type of tool in order to become self-sufficient – they were always his free laborers for every house, painting or car project; hiring a  contractor was always out of the question, “you can figure it out -- use your brain” (this was prior to youtube tutorials- he was our original Google). We have all been blessed and adored by this amazing man. I am left wondering, who will I call when I’m tired of driving and need company to keep me awake for  hours on end until I’m safely home? Who will my brothers go to when they need someone to “give them a piece of his mind?” Who will ensure my sister has  just the right snow tires, or right amount of tread before she heads back home? Who will our mother have by her side to be her other half? Most of all where is that strong broad shoulder to cry on?  Yes, for all our friends growing up he was big and scary, but once you got past the booming voice, tough accent and the  initial crankiness you could see the  warmth emanating from him. He had the most amazing twinkling eyes when he smiled, and a bellowing laugh that insisted you join in. There was always so much laughter between my parents. We were the luckiest of kids – we had the unconditional love of this amazing man. Cancer is a thief. A thief that stole our dad and our mother’s husband. For all who knew and loved Bob -- please know he fought so hard, he was so brave and  his last words were “I love you, I love you, I love you” over and over again to  our mother while she held him. You are loved and missed by all of us, you made a difference in this world and we are all better people who will continue to strive for your approval. We know you have faith and you are indeed in a much  better place. Please know “we love you, we love you, we love you…… Today, Tomorrow and Forever!!!”

Bobby, Leigh Ann, Brian, Donald, Jenna and wife Annette.

Services for Robert will be held privately at the convenience of the family.