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Strong league at Twin Village

Ed Townsend - Columnist
Posted 6/25/20

The Roscoe Twin Village Monday Night Men's Golf league has been a fixture there for about 60 years and continues strong with 36 golfers competing for honors each week.

The league is believed to …

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Strong league at Twin Village


The Roscoe Twin Village Monday Night Men's Golf league has been a fixture there for about 60 years and continues strong with 36 golfers competing for honors each week.

The league is believed to have started in 1959 or 1960 and today has grown to 18 two-member teams.

Chuck Husson IV is the present league coordinator and he and his father, Chuck Husson lll are the defending league champions, having won the league the past several years.

Husson noted familiar players who over the years have competed in the league included Ray Pomeroy, Cliff Ulshafer, Ed Townsend, Jim Bowers Sr., Joe Pelk, Marty Reisner, Bill Knipshire, Ralph Kirschner, Dan Baldo, Ed Korth, Bill Fersch, Jeff Meola, Tom Roseo, Butch Hendrickson, Lonnie Ackerly, Paul Stock, Terry Knickerbocker, Paul Temple, Fran “Rooster” Temple, Lew Hendrickson Joe Shulte and Jerry Hill.

Husson said these golfers are not all original league members but that they spent many years golfing in this league.

“Twin Village is a challenging course for even the top level golfers,” Husson stated.

“The greens are small and tough to hold and you never get the same bounce twice with the unforgiving landing areas,” Husson noted.

He described Twin Village as a course that “seems like a very open course, but in all actuality, there is a lot of trouble to get into out there.”

Chuck did note that “most long ball hitters can leave their driver in their cars, but again, that does not make Twin Village any easier to score on and the way to score good on the course is to be accurate with your irons, hit the small greens when you can and hope for some favorable bounced here and there.”

The Monday Night league has had a full 18 teams each year for many years.

Subbing in the league for the first time at the age of 14 Chuck said he was playing with Ray Pomeroy and that they started league play on the 8th hole against Butch Hendrickson and Cliff Ulshafer and after Hendrickson and Ulshafer won the coin toss Cliff teed off first and his tee shot ended up being a hole-in-one on the upper tier of the 8th green. “This was my first experience in league," Husson added.

The full 18-team, 36-player league has always been known as a competitive league but a fun group of guys with many hanging out after the league enjoying some beers and laughs on the back deck of the clubhouse.

“This year we have a few new teams and like any sport, defending your championship is very difficult....my father and I realized that last year as we had many teams barreling down on us in the closing weeks, but luckily we were able to hold them off and defend our championship and this year being back-to-back champs only paints a bigger target on our backs...we have our work cut out for us,” Husson said.

Members of this year's league include Matt Rampe and Nick Hill, Chuck Husson IV and Chuck Husson III, Tom Ackerly and Collin Tallman, George Glantzis and Kevin Green, Paul Ryder and Steve Ryder, Craig France and Bill Haas Sr., Merlin Brock and Nate Brock, John Templin and Bob Lee, Dylan Murphy and Justin Murphy, Ken Mooney and Tom Trask, Joe Madera and Al Madera, Joel Spalding and Elton Harris, Fred Tucker and Randy Smith, Tom Darbee and Terry France, Rodney T. Jester and Dean Winters, Bryan Thomas and BJ Hendrickson, Neil Gray and Fred Wilcox and Bob Rowan and Dennis Bennett.

Ed's Outlook

The Ryder Cup will officially be pushed back to 2021 due to health concerns surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

While the option to play the event in a fan-less environment was never a serious option travel restrictions and the possibility of a second wave have stalled those aspirations.

Golf Tip

By Bob Menges

Many things can lead to inconsistent putting....but distance and direction are the reasons we should always have at the top of our “How Can I Be More Consistent?” list.

Distance is the biggest cause of inconsistency, because it equates to the “feel” of the putt and also ends up controlling the distance after impact.

As we have all learned, more speed equals less break and less speed leads to more break.

On the other side of the coin, direction is the control we have in getting the golf ball started in the right direction before gravity and undulation take over the roll and path of the ball. Mixed in with all this is the factor that these two distinctions have to work together if we are to enjoy any success in putting.

Another way of looking at this is to think of our hands as the rudder and the engine/propeller of a boat.

The rudder of the boat controls the direction, while the engine/propeller generates the speed and distance.

When putting, our lead hand is the rudder.....it's along for the ride, but it also makes sure you are staying square to the target. The trail hand, which is usually our dominant hand, is the engine/propeller and determines how far the ball goes.

So, each “part” has it own function.....and a very important function....but one working without the other is either a boat going in circles (no rudder) or simply going nowhere (no engine).

An important key to developing more reliability with our distance and direction is to minimize hand and wrist movement, which, in turn, will maximize feel and control.

Robert Menges is the head golf professional at the Swan Lake Golf & Country Club, Mt. Hope Road, Swan Lake. He is available when the course opens in mid-May. If you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached at 845-292-0323, 845-866-5567 or via email at bobmenges22@gmail.com

Putting Tip

By Geoff Walsh

Constant Speed is a major asset to every terrific putter and can never be overrated.

You feel the speed with your Eyes, Mind and Hands.....”The Triangle.”

Your eyes see the distance between the ball and the hole, a signal is sent to your mind, then your mind sends a signal to the muscles in your right hand (or left hand if you are a lefty) as the pressure and amount of acceleration on the forward stroke for the distance you want the ball to travel.

This definitely connects to the amount of back and through distance.

Geoff Walsh is a Class A PGA Professional at the Tarry Brae Golf Course at 387 Pleasant Valley Road, South Fallsburg. At this time private lessons are not available. If you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached by telephone at 845-434-2620.

Twin Village

Monday Mens

1. Wilcox & Gray 47.5

2. Green & Glantzis 44.5

3. Trask & Mooney 44.0

4. Husson & Husson 43.5

5. Brock & Brock 42.5

6. Harris & Spalding 39.5

7. Madera & Madera 38.5

8. Templin & Lee 35.5

9. Jester & Winters 33.5

10. Rampe & Hill 33.0

11. Tallman & Ackerly 30.0

11. Darbee & France 30.0

13. Ryder & Ryder 29.0

13. Rowan & Bennett 29.0

15. Tucker & Smith 28.5

16. Thomas & Hendrickson 27.5

17. Haas & France 23.0

17. Murphy & Murphy 22.0

Tuesday Ladies

1. A. Bury & S. Clark 41.5

2. C. Bowers & S. Feeney 41.0

3. Y. Rowan & D. Mantzouratos 40.0

4. L. Kuehn & E. Kuehn 39.5

5. A. Husson & B. Ackerly 39.0

6. E. Casey & E. Carlson 38.5

7. L. Hendrickson & D. Greenthal 34.0

8. Bye, Team 27.5

9. K. Harris & S. Green 23.0

10. S. Ferber & J. Husson 21.0


Tuesday Night Birdie Division

1. C. Roth & C. Roth 52.5

2. J. Sazoff & S. Ottino 50.0

3. A. Torrens & Z. Cody 47.0

4. T. Merklin & S. Austin 43.5

5. H. Kerhley & J. Rhupert 41.5

6. D. Luczyski & M. Garigliano 40.0

7. T. Ditmar & N. Rusin 39.5

8. D. Byrne & T. Byrne 38.5

9. K. Torrens & M. Lagatutta 34.0

10. J. Franke & R. Franke 33.5

Tuesday Night Eagle Division

1. N. Bell & M. Freaney 55.5

2. P. Donovan & K. Scheibe 47.5

3. J. Finn & J. Russell 46.0

4. J. Tanous & J. Wilhelm 44.5

5. P. Fanning & A. Marciano 42.0

6. N. Huggler & M. Murphy 39.5

7. M. Diehl & A. Bradley 39.0

8. Todd & Taylor VanKeuren 38.0

9. W. Herzog & K. Clifford 37.0

10. B. Strong & P. Umphries 30.5

Tuesday Night Par Division

1. C. Hicks & B. Garber 50.0

1. J. Van Keuren & T. Nieman 50.0

2. J. Rusin & R. Ellison 48.0

3. T. Gallo & T. McCausland 44.0

4. K. Wheeler & S. Hamlin 43.0

4. E. O'Malley & T. Ellison 43.0

5. M. Williams & D. Divita 42.0

6. P. Clifford & A. Hauser 41.0

7. J. Merklin & O. Trask 30.0

8. C. Schadt & W. Mall 29.0

Wednesday Night League

1. L. McAllister & R. Lennon 26.5

1. R. Schmidt & H. Russell 26.5

2. J. Fink & J. Graham 25.5

3. B. Orr & D. Tanous 25.0

4. M. Brand & E. Stratton 24.5

5. F. Stabbert & T. Krantz 22.5

6. F. Barrett & D. Hendrickson 21.5

7. D. Kuebler & R. O'Mara 21.0

8. D. Hoskings & R. Esposito 19.0

9. D. Immoor & H. Tighe 7.5

9. M. Kovsh & C. Rodriguez 7.5

10. J. Hinkley & P. Alden 4.0

Tennanah Lake

Thursday Travel League

1. Thomas & Husson 52.0

2. Bacigalupo & Mitchell 48.5

3. Schmidt & Ackerly 46.0

4. Martinez & Sherman 45.0

5. Gilmore & Bernstein 43.0

6. Collura & Fisher 40.0

7. Jardine & Stanley 36.0

8. Winters & Petraglia 35.0

9. Coney & Mace 34.0

10. Hutchins & Mack 30.5

11. Stevens & Snihura 29.0

12. Cawley & Todora 26.5

13. Benzenberg & Benzenberg 26.0

14. Lubniewski & Martin 25.0

15. Poli & Cunningham 20.0

16. Heavey & Magil 15.5

Ed Townsend is a Public Relations Consultant to the sport of golf and brings over 60-years of sports journalism experience in writing and compiling the information for this column. When leagues and courses are fully in operation send your league or tournament information to Ed at 845-439-8177, email to bghtnews@aol.com or fax to 845-205-4474. View this column and Ed's photos at http://bght.blogspot.com We are also on Facebook and Twitter.


Several members of the Monday Night Twin Village Golf league (top photo) include, from the left, Chuck Husson lll, Chuck Husson IV and Kevin Green. Bottom photo, members are Al Madera, Nate Brock and Merlin Brock.


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