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This is just disrespectful

Alex Gardner
Posted 7/16/21


To the editor:

A few days ago I drove by a large banner on a house that read “F*** Biden.” It wasn’t the first one I’ve seen around town. I’m sorry …

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This is just disrespectful



To the editor:

A few days ago I drove by a large banner on a house that read “F*** Biden.” It wasn’t the first one I’ve seen around town. I’m sorry that my eleven-year-old son has to see these. The Trump years were hard for everyone. There was a lot of anger and not a lot of civility.

My family didn’t support President Trump, and we protested many of his policies, but we never allowed our children to speak disrespectfully of him. Regardless of what we thought of Mr. Trump personally, he was the President of our country, and we demanded our children respect the office and the democratic process that put Mr. Trump in that office.

I wouldn’t think of asking neighbors to change their views or to not express them—our right to disagree is part of what makes America great. But a huge curse word, that’s not so great.


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Thank you for acknowledging that Donald Trump was the President of our country. So many people shouted and wrote "Not my President!". That is how I feel about Biden. NOT my President. In just a few months, he and his administration have caused gas prices to double, ILLEGAL crossings into our country to surge (and those people are NOT being checked for covid and are being released by bus and plane all over our country!) thousands of small businesses to close forever, prices inflated for EVERYTHING, took away our energy independence (shuts down OUR pipelines but supports Russia's!!) and so many other bad policies for our country. As for the foul language on that banner you saw...I hope you are equally concerned about the foul language used in video games, in rap music, in movies that are supposedly for children, on social media, the conversations your child has with his friends and the language adults use around your child. We are bombarded with curse words as the standard for polite and civil behavior has been lowered to the ground

Friday, July 16

Ok, let me tell you that your 6th grader knows the F word by now and a few you probably don’t know. If you’re only seeing these types of banners then you have tunnel vision and you’re missing other signs like the blood-dripping head of our President oh wait that was of Trump. The Trump years were only hard on the Liberals/democrats which caused the anger and hate while crying!

While protesting, discussing whatever with others or yelling at the TV who was there or within hearing distance? Your children that you demanded to respect the office & process. Don’t teach them the lessons that Maxine Waters and other democrats were pushing of attack gov’t, attack the highest office, attack the family and their cabinet members anywhere you see them!

Now, unless taught by their parents, why would young children speak with disrespect unless that was all they hear? What do children at that age know what about politics? I don’t think they know enough to be criticizing it yet unless the teachers are teaching their agenda material!

Friday, July 16