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Sunday, May 9, 2021

User Information Privacy Policy

This User Information Privacy Policy describes how the web sites maintained by Catskill-Delaware Publications collect and utilize users' personally identifiable information. It is our policy that a user controls

What personal identifiable information is collected by the Sullivan County Democrat web sites and What the web sites can do with that information.

The web sites will not disclose a user's personally identifiable information to any third party without the user's express permission.

Information Not Collected:

A user can access our web sites and utilize many of their services without providing any information at all. Nor do we follow a user's browsing path outside of our web sites.

We do develop summary - not individual - reports for our advertisers. The people that make it possible for the user to use for free - our advertisers - need this information to determine how effective their advertising investments are. We never tell our advertisers the identity of a user who saw or clicked on their advertisements unless the user has expressly given permission to do so.

Information Collects:

Polling: occasionally offers interactive polls to users so they can easily share their opinions with others and see what the audience thinks about important issues. uses a system to "tag" users after they have voted, so they can vote only once on a particular question but no personal identifiable information is required to do this "tagging."


Occasionally conducts user surveys to better understand our user community. We sometimes share the aggregated demographic information in these surveys with our advertisers and partners.

Usage tracking: does track usage patterns on our web site and breaks down overall usage statistics according to a user's domain name, browser type, and MIME type by reading this information from the browser string (information contained in every user's browser). However, we do not match this information with users' personally identifiable information.

How To Contact Us:

For any questions or comments regarding our information or security practices, you may contact us:

By E-Mail:

By Phone: 845-887-5200 (between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST.)

By Fax: 845-887-5386

By Mail: Sullivan County Democrat.

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