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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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‘From one music lover to another'

WJFF holds 20th Annual Music Sale

By Patricio Robayo - staff writer

By: Photo courtesy of Dan Rigney, WJFF
Music lovers packed the White Sulphur Springs Fire Department for the annual music sale for WJFF Radio Catskill.
While holiday shoppers were lined up at the stores on Black Friday, music lovers lined up at the White Sulphur Springs Fire Department this past Saturday for the 20th Annual WJFF Music Sale.
“This is my first record sale, and I have been looking forward to this since I started last December,” said Dan Rigney, General Manager/Development Director for WJFF.
Weeks before the sale, WJFF puts the call out for records, musical instruments, cassettes and stereo equipment to be donated to the station for sale with the proceeds going to WJFF.
“This met and exceeded all my expectations. It's amazing how people come together and donate their treasures, and then people come here to treasure hunt through them, it's just a blast,” Rigney said.
Longtime volunteer and former WJFF staffer John Bachman said, “This event we had a really good turn out and good donations.

According to WJFF's website, this sale is Bachman's own personal crusade of support for this community radio station.
“We had more musical instruments and more records this year. We sold more records than we ever have,” Bachman said.
According to WJFF Board of Trustees President, Jim Lomax, this year's event has been one of the better years which he attributes to the generous donations from the community.
“It's a fundraiser, yes, but it is also an outreach to the community,” Lomax says, “[and] it's one of my favorite events of the year.”
During this year's event, a silent auction was held, and according to WJFF's Program Director, Jason Dole, there are always surprises during the auction.
“It's a steal, and people know it, that's why they were lined up to the door by 10:30 a.m.,” Dole said. “It was a sea of people who came in, and it was jam-packed full of people within the first half hour.”
Dole whom himself was bidding on a set of harmonics, was happy with his find in the silent auction and how the event went overall.
“It's great to see people. It's neat,” Dole said. “In the past, there was a connection with music, the records, and the stereo systems. Today, I don't know how young people are having that connection,” Dole said and mentioned how a vintage record player set box was lined with news clippings, entombing the events when the player was active.
“Whoever buys it, they are into music,” Dole said. “It's neat to see how people interacted with their music; the items are going from one music lover to another.”

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