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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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Bagel Festival in fifth year

Crowds larger than ever

By Matt Shortall - staff writer

By: Matt Shortall | Democrat
Employees of the Monticello Bagel Factory were so slammed with customers they had to open a tent outside the store.
MONTICELLO ­— “There are two kinds of people in Sullivan County today,” said Sullivan County Undersheriff Eric Chaboty this past Sunday. “Those who are at the Bagel Festival and those who aren't.”
Thousands of people packed Broadway a.k.a. Bagel Boulevard in Monticello.
Crowd size estimates were between 10,000 and 15,000 people.
Chaboty's words signaled the beginning of the much anticipated bagel triathlon where contestants stacked, rolled and tossed their way to greatness.
The plain bagels weren't as easy to stack as you might think. The trick isn't so much stacking under the time limit as it is keeping them standing for all the time you have left.
Anna Puleo of Harris did well in the bagel toss, leaning back on one leg and launching the wheat product through the air like a shot put.
Doug Siamon is originally from Ellenville but now based out of Fairfax, Virginia. The crowd fell quiet as he stepped up to the white line like a professional golfer ready to tee off. His first bagel rolled 120 feet. Unsatisfied with that number, he picked up another bagel and rolled that one for 163 feet.
While the triathlon always attracts a crowd, that's not to say bagels were the only delicious food being served.
There was a sampling of Latin and Caribbean foods from Nelly's, Fat Boiz, La Ruta Del Sol and Jamaican Rhythym.
A classic car show took place on the other end of Broadway in between Landfield Avenue and Bank Street.
The Ethelbert B. Crawford Pubic Library had a tent where kids could make bagel bird feeders. Just take one side of any bagel and smear with shortening before sprinkling seeds on top. Hang the bagel from a tree branch and this treat will be irresistible to any neighborhood birds.
A welded iron bagel statue stood proudly outside the Monticello Bagel Factory, symbolizing just how important New York's signature baked good is to this upstate community.

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