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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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All the town's a stage at Callicoon Country Fair

By Willow Baum - reporter / photographer

By: Willow Baum | Democrat
Alex Tanner, 2, of Jeffersonville made a new friend at the Rocky's Refuge tent on Upper Main Street Saturday in Callicoon.
Eclectic attractions and creative, town-wide staging made the 2017 Callicoon Country Fair feel more akin to immersive theatre than to an average street fair.
In the shade of the Callicoon Depot, an archer took aim at a target across the railroad tracks from the movie theatre. He pulled back on the handcrafted wooden bow he uses to hunt squirrel and deer, bear and rabbit in the woods near his Jeffersonville home.
A woman took issue with the collection of mink, ermine, coyote, fawn, beaver and otter pelts at the National Park Service tent. “They have lives, too!” she asserted until she learns that each pelt was procured responsibly, only after natural causes or motor vehicles claimed each life.
Out the front door of Callicoon Real Estate, children rode ponies and fed apple slices to alpacas.
They tested their skills at the beanbag toss, golf putt and football throw.
Some 1,500 - 2,000 visitors of all ages strolled Upper and Lower Main Streets of Callicoon on Saturday, estimates Jeff Weyer, Treasurer of event presenter Callicoon Business Association.
Fairgoers lounged on hay bales on the street and in parking lots, taking in live music and dance performances on three stages. They discovered wares, savored food and libations of roughly 60 vendors, including local artists, artisans and farms.
“We lucked out with a beautiful day,” said Callicoon Business Association President Danielle Hilson and owner of The Clothesline on Lower Main Street.
At the alpaca tent, Caleb and Lucas Timpone, 5 and 7 respectively, of Elizabeth, NJ, enjoyed blow-pops and admitted that the promise of pony rides is what first lured them to the Callicoon Country Fair. In the end, the best parts of the day the brothers said, turned out to be “live alpacas, fresh lemonade and free lollipops from Jeff Bank.”

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