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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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Film about monetary apocalypse to shoot in Sullivan County

By Margaret Bruetsch - reporter / photographer

FORESTBURGH — “Currency,” a 15-minute film by Scott Gabriel and Sofi Marshall will film at locations in Forestburgh and Narrowsburg from August 20 - 22.
“Currency” follows the story of a family that owns a small town gas station after the effects of what the creators have deemed a Greenout, where all banking and electronic money records have disappeared and people only have the food and money they have in their homes. The gas station has the two things people need most: food and gas.
“I lived in lower Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy and stayed for the first four days after the electric went out,” Gabriel said regarding the idea behind the movie. “By day four … the same people who banded together were scared and angry. My co-writer Sofi and I were interested in that tipping point; the moment where our animal need to protect ourselves and our families clashes with our sense of community.

The shoot will comprise of 15 minutes of the film telling a complete story at the midpoint of what Gabriel hopes will be a feature length film. Filming will take place at the Forestburgh General Store on Route 42 and at a 19th century farmhouse in Narrowsburg.
Sullivan County was the perfect place to film because the team was looking for a small town area where families grow up knowing each other and where trust in each other is still relevant.
“I have a connection to this area - a childhood friend's family owned a farm nearby, and I grew up coming here for long weekends during the summer,” Gabriel said. “I've always wanted to film here.”
While pre-production on a shoe-string budget has been tough, Gabriel says they have seen help from the community.
“We were incredibly lucky to have come across the Forestburgh General Store which … was just newly renovated and beautifully designed by a family that loves the arts and is wonderfully accommodating to our production,” Gabriel said. “We're actively reaching out to the Sullivan County community for help, and would love to support local business as much as possible.”
The project is also looking for local volunteer extras, no acting experience necessary. Families, and all ages are welcome to be extras and will receive a $10 credit to the Forestburgh General Store and pizza lunch for the first 50 cast.
“The intention is to make both a great short film and something that can tease a feature length movie next year,” Gabriel said. “We're excited by the story, and we think showing off a piece of it is a great way to come back and get to tell the rest of it.”
Those interested in being an extra can email their name and photo to If you are interested in helping out with the production please reach out to Gabriel and the team at

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