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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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New political thriller set in Bethel

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Flight of the Fox, a book written by Hankins resident Gray Basnight, was just released.
Flight of the? Fox, the new political thriller written by Gray Basnight, shares the compelling story of an innocent man being chased by a team of hitmen for unknown reasons. Professor Sam Teagarden, who hails from the Town of Bethel and was even born at Woodstock, is sent on an unforeseen journey after they make the first of many attempts on his life. Teagarden then goes on to decode a mystery government file that has been kept from the American public's knowledge since its creation.
Basnight, who has lived with his wife in Hankins for about 14 years now, got his inspiration for the story from an unexpected source. An interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show from 2011 in which Clint Eastwood discusses J. Edgar Hoover is what sparked the idea.
After seeing that, Basnight began researching J. Edgar Hoover and was completely fascinated by what he learned. He even eventually took the time to teach himself some coding and decoding with no prior knowledge at all. This new information made for a compelling story of an everyday man who gets taken on a terrifying excursion filled with mystery.
“Of course I want people to get a good read and enjoy the book,” says Basnight. “But I want people to take with them something other than the rollercoaster ride. I want readers to understand that the truth is important and government secrets aren't the best thing for a democratic society.”
With the drama, mystery and close connections to Beth?el, ?Flight of the Fox is a great read for everyone, especially those who live here in Sullivan County. Basnight's understanding and description of what it's like to live in this area makes the novel feel extra special. It's incredibly fun to try to decode the story yourself as Teagarden slowly puts everything together. It's also fast-paced and a page turner because you simply need to know what happens next.
There will be a reading given by Basnight along with a book signing on September 27 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. at Mamakating Library located on 128 Sullivan Street in Wurtsboro.
For more information on the author check out his website, ?

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