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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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An eagle soars in Bethel

By Kaitlin Carney - reporter/photographer

Dr. Allan Abramson, "Sheriff" of the "Posse" speaks at the dedication and unveiling of Paul Stark's one of a kind eagle wood carving at the Town of Bethel.
Over 100 people assembled on the front lawn of the Town Hall in Bethel on Saturday to celebrate the unveiling and dedication of Paul Stark's one-of-a-kind woodcarving.
The art installation marked a momentous occasion for Bethel and its residents: a celebration of the arts, of a local artist, and of the fruits of a collaboration between "the Posse" and town government. The Posse, a group of philanthropic citizens gifted the work to the town because they "wanted to bring the Arts and Town Government together by commissioning world renowned woodcarver Stark, to create the Eagle." The group chose the bird, the symbol of the United States of America, "for its beauty, great strength, and long life."
Supervisor Daniel Sturm welcomed everyone to the unveiling of the Eagle, and thanked The Posse for their dedication to bringing the arts and the Eagle, to the Town. Dr.
Allan Abramson, the "Sheriff" of The Posse explained, "You've heard a fair amount about this posse ... We started meeting at Blanche's with Buddy, and the day we were organized and got our official shirts, it closed! We moved on to adopt the Bethel Café for our meetings.
“What is the purpose of the posse? Well none of us play golf, none play tennis ... we developed basic principles to give back to the community." The posse has also raised money to support town residents in need during the winter months.
The Eagle started as a 150-year-old white pine weighing 1800 pounds. Stark maintains a studio in Bethel and you can see his work at local establishments and private residences throughout the town. He thanked Bethel, especially "the Town Board for supporting the Arts Council. Thank you for creating and supporting art. I love you all for your support. I don't take pictures of my work, but I remember every piece that I have done and the relationship it created."
Stark also thanked the Cunningham family, remarking that Highway Superintendent Patrick Cunningham "helped him to select the perfect rock" upon which the Eagle would perch.
The Eagle was dedicated in honor of the Posse and its members. It can be found at 3460 Route 55 in White Lake.

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