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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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Graffiti artist wanted, not to arrest but to praise

By Allison Ruef - staff writer

Contributed Photo
A striking sample of the 20+ mural-sized pieces of graffiti that cover the walls inside the old Apollo Plaza Mall in Monticello.
MONTICELLO — Steve Vegliante, attorney for Apollo Plaza developer Butch Resnick, put out a plea recently for the artist responsible for more than 20 pieces of graffiti-style artwork in the old Apollo Plaza to reveal him or herself.
No law enforcement will be contacted, he assured, and if they want to remain anonymous, a la famous British street artist Banksy, that will be honored.
“We really do appreciate the art, and we are doing our best to preserve it photographically. We wanted the artist to know we are doing this before it is covered or demolished,” said Vegliante.
Currently, Resnick and Vegliante are working out the permits needed to move forward with interior demolition on the Apollo.
“Once the interior is cleaned out, we are hoping the renovation will take between 18 and 20 months to complete,” he said.

Vegliante wanted it known that while he does not condone graffiti as it applies to urban blight and the damage it causes to private property, he felt that the work by the mystery artist is something special.
He also wanted to remind sightseers that the Apollo property is an active construction site and not open to the public.
“It's kind of contradictory, but anyone found trespassing will be prosecuted.”
Anyone with information may contact Vegliante directly via email at

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