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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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Inside the Hurleyville Arts Centre

By Dan Hust - staff writer

Dan Hust | Democrat
Main Street Dance Studio uses this room - capable of holding more than 60 people - to conduct dance classes. A 40-person dance hall sits behind it, while space for a yoga program is being developed in an adjacent room.
HURLEYVILLE — Movies. Dance. Yoga. Special events.
It's all here at the Hurleyville Arts Centre, and it's all for the community.
Built and owned by the Center for Discovery, the Arts Centre is nevertheless not intended so much for that nonprofit but for the people who live around it and throughout the region.

“It's for the whole community,” nods Artistic Director Janet Carrus, who has been working with Program Director Erin Dudley on what promises to be a dazzling soft-opening tomorrow (Saturday).
Both have danced professionally, so it's no surprise that part of Saturday's program will include dancers who are deeply involved in community efforts.
“Dance - that's always something which brings people together,” Janet affirms.
That's why she first championed the idea with Center for Discovery leaders, and why she's seen it through years of development.
“Art and the environment and music and dance - they're a universal language,” she explains.
And an inspiring one, whereby Janet hopes the Arts Centre becomes an example to be mimicked in other communities.
“This is the whole attitude and philosophy,” she says, adding there's a particular focus on children - the next generation. “If we show it and live it, little kids are going to learn it.”
Saturday's event, starting at 1 p.m., is designed to both interest all ages and receive feedback from the public about what to offer when activities fully kick off in 2017.
The Centre, however, is already in operation, with Main Street Dance Studio (a private company which rents space) offering dance classes, soon to be joined by The Yoga Space in an adjacent, dedicated room (including a nine-station rope wall).
Those spaces are available for others to rent when they're otherwise not in use, as is the 130-seat theater and 466-person ballroom. Indeed, that's the idea - that weddings, retreats, proms, birthdays, film festivals, themed dances, storytelling sessions, arts & culture classes and multigenerational community events will come to dominate the Centre's schedule.
To find out more, check out the Centre's Facebook page!

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