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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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Monticello asserts its place as ‘Bagel Capital'

Second annual Bagel Festival continues success

By Kristina Sumfleth - reporter/photographer

Kristina Sumfleth | Democrat
The enthusiastic Michael Feldman throws bagels in an attempt to dunk a fireman at the Bagel Fest held this past Sunday in Monticello.
An estimated 9,000 visitors roamed Broadway checking out vendors and munching on bagels at the second annual Bagel Festival held in Monticello on Sunday, August 17th.
“Fantastic would be an understatement,” said organizer Jeff Siegel when asked about the Bagel Festival turnout. “Who doesn't like a bagel? It's a worldwide comfort food and a great excuse for people to come out and see everything.”
Last year Siegel organized the inaugural event as a way to help revitalize and benefit Monticello and Sullivan County. Later it was found out that the first bagel machine was, coincidently, patented by Louis Wichinsky from Hurleyville in 1968.
“We had more vendors, national acts on stage, more everything!” explained Siegel.

The speaker system along Broadway played music from both local and national acts as new and returning visitors from all over came to the county's only national festival. Many newcomers thoroughly enjoyed the festive atmosphere and where bagels abound - “tie-dyed,” fried bagels, bagel sandwiches and of course the traditional bagel with cream cheese.
“I think its fantastic, its great for the community and a nice way to get people out and about,” said an enthusiastic Geri Coleman of Grahamsville. “This is a really wonderful and well organized event.”

Photo 501
The enthusiastic Michael Feldman throws bagels in an attempt to dunk a fireman at the Bagel Fest held this past Sunday in Monticello.

Photo 568
A stilt walking baker stops to shake hands with Lola and her owner from Kingston, Jim Ritcher.

Photo 600
An estimated 9,000 people from across the country attended the second annual Bagel Festival and almost twice as many bagels were gobbled up.

A giant bagel statue was created by Callicoon artist John Cook for the Bagel Fest, giving visitors the opportunity to sign the massive sculpture or pose for a photograph.

Photo 615
Monticello locals Chantal Baker and her daughter Alia Baker dip mini bagels in bird seed as a benefit for the Crawford Library in Monticello.

Photo 622
Mini bagels with birdseed.

Photo 644
Macy Miros of Kiamesha Lake enjoyed her rainbow bagel with cream cheese from the Monticello Bagel Bakery.

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