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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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Oye como va!

Santana to rock Woodstock 50th

By Patricio Robayo - staff writer

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musician, Carlos Santana, is set to celebrate the Woodstock 50th anniversary this summer at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts much like he did pictured here during the Universal Tone tour that rocked Bethel Woods in 2010.
BETHEL — A veteran of the original Woodstock 1969 festival, Carlos Santana, recently announced that he would be jamming his way back to the historic site this summer.
With plans already underway at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts for their anniversary celebration concert weekend from August 16 to 18, Santana plans to join in while on tour with The Doobie Brothers, according to an interview in Rolling Stone Magazine.
Santana will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of his multiple Grammy-winning album Supernatural and the 50th anniversary of his historic performance at Woodstock, he announced on his official website.
“Both were monumental moments in my life,” said Santana. “Woodstock and Supernatural took me to places I never dreamed were possible. I embraced those incredible moments in my life with all my heart.
Both were supreme lessons in maintaining focus, heart and integrity in every step, every day and to strive to better oneself with a high standard on and off the stage.”
The tour will start selling tickets on January 25 through
At press time, there are no listings for the Bethel Woods concert on
However, there is an open date on the tour that could be a potential date for Santana to perform at Woodstock 50th, August 17.
“I am not surprised that Santana is going to be there,” said Bethel Town Supervisor Dan Sturm. “I think the fun for a lot of people is going to be who's coming and who's not coming. It's part of the excitement, and I have no doubt in mind that Bethel Woods is working with some great performers throughout the year and for the Woodstock weekend. No reason to doubt that, they [Bethel Woods Center for the Arts] know what they are doing.”
Santana told Rolling Stone Magazine in a recent interview that he was approached by Michael Lang, one of Woodstock's 69 founders, to perform at his concert in Watkins Glen during the same weekend, but turned it down.
When asked why he would perform at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, he said: “They have an amphitheater there,” said Santana. “I'm going to invite whoever is still here, whether it's Joan Baez or members from Sly Stone, and I'm going to play Santana music. Santana's going to be the house band, but I want to be able to honor those who are still here and maybe invite rappers like Common or Kendrick Lamar.”

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