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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

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The (socially distanced) show must go on

By Carol Montana - reporter/photographer

The ensemble performed the closing number "This Is Me" from the film "The Greatest Show- man."
FORESTBURGH - Who among us, during the months of isolation we've been through, has not turned to the arts to keep ourselves sane? Online music streaming, virtual museum tours and live or filmed theatrical presentations have filled many an otherwise empty hour since the start of our quarantine.
For the past two weekends, a group of young people learned how to create those theatrical presentations at the Forestburgh Academy Fall Theatre Intensive. They attended classes in acting, choreography and vocal technique that climaxed in a cabaret-style presentation.
Twenty one youngsters, aged eight to 17, attended day-camp style classes beginning October 3. Social distancing and safety guidelines were practiced with temperature checks, outdoor rehearsals, and daily health questions.
Then, on October 11, the children performed their show called “Socially Distant, and Closer Than Ever,” in person at the Forestburgh Playhouse gardens.
The performance was also broadcasted online.
Combining musical numbers and spoken skits, the students displayed an extensive range of singing, dancing and acting talents. The skits usually involved two or three students, and were bookended by ensemble performances of “On My Way” (Phil Collins) and “This is Me” from the film “The Greatest Showman.”
The performance - well attended by parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings and friends - is available for viewing on the Forestburgh Playhouse Facebook page and also on YouTube.
If you have a child who is interested in performing, the Forestburgh Academy Winter Workshop will be held weekends in December either over Zoom or through private lessons. Classes are available to beginners and advanced students.
For more information, contact the Forestburgh Playhouse at 845-794-2005 or like their Facebook page.

IMG-8172 -
Forestburgh Playhouse producer Franklin Trapp welcomed the audience and explained the curriculum of the Fall Theatre Intensive.

IMG_8177 -
Maria Nardi performed in a scene called "Sidney."

IMG_8179 -
Aidan Dusenbury-Dalto took part in a skit called "Charlie."

IMG_8180 -
Young Bee Fleming had a part in the "Charlie" skit.

IMG_8183 -
Jane McAdams displayed a feisty character in her sketch "Inconceivable."

IMG_8186 -
Julia Moore was totally into her character in the "Inconceivable" scene.

IMG_8193 -
Kelsi Berghahn's character exhibited a keen sense of maturity in "The Story of Hope."

IMG_8194 -
Adorable Kenzie Krier did a solo scene called "Don't Tell Me."

IMG_8199 & IMG_8207 -
The ensemble performed the closing number "This Is Me" from the film "The Greatest Showman."

IMG_8202 -
"The Story of Hope" featured a performance by Morris Germann.

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