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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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Kenoza Lake - February 7

Feb 6, 2020

By Susan Brown Otto - community correspondent

Greetings to all. What a mild winter we have been experiencing! No complaints, that is for sure. There are already signs of spring out there. First, the days are getting longer, both in the morning and the afternoon. Second, skunks are out and about. Third, I saw Rudy the Raccoon last week! Yes, indeed, Rudy had a great winter snooze and now he is back out eating.

Last September and October, I was given some old sweet corn. Back then, Rudy would eat two or three ears of corn each night. Then no more sweet corn feasting. I kept the basket of sweet corn on the front porch in an old, metal egg basket. Last Wednesday morning I heard a crash on the front porch. Something knocked the sweet corn over on the porch.
The next morning at 5 a.m., who was on the front porch but Rudy! He recognized me and me him. Amazing! He must be out looking for a mate. I saw a raccoon near Narrowsburg last night, around 7 p.m. So, the raccoons are out and about, another sign of spring!
Soon folks will start to see robins, so please let me know if you see robins. Duke Devlin told me a few weeks back that he had seen some Red-winged blackbirds. I haven't seen any yet, please let me know if you see them, an early harbinger of spring.
I was in Harrisburg on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, attending the Great Outdoor Sports Show with my husband Ray. I saw tulips pushing up through the dirt. Snow drops may soon be in bloom, followed by crocuses. Am I rushing spring?
I was so happy to watch the Super Bowl last Sunday and have Kansas City win. The coach Andy Reid used to be with the Philadelphia Eagles. My sister Ginny lives in Philadelphia and the Eagles are the team Ginny and her family support. I am a Jets fan. After the Jets inevitably lose, then it is time to cheer for other teams. So, I have cheered for the Eagles, after the Jets are out of contention (which, unfortunately is often).
So happy to see that Andy Reid finally won a Super Bowl. (Andy Reid used to be the coach for the Philadelphia Eagles.) Patrick Mahomes, what a guy! I heard on the radio that Mahomes plays with such joy. How true, how true. Great game. Another nail biter of a Super Bowl, for sure, but a great game. The Half-time show should have been rated PG-13 or R, not fit for young eyes.
Baseball season is right around the corner. Another potential dicey year for the Mets, but time will tell. The Yankees have high expectations, with the sign stealing scandal with the Red Sox and Astros. Go Mets!
The Kenoza Lake United Methodist Church preaching schedule: Sunday, February 9th - Bud LeConey, February 16th - Dr. Allen Wachter, February 23rd - Bud LeConey. There will be an Ash Wednesday service, at the White Sulphur Springs United Methodist Church on Wednesday, February 26th at 7 p.m.
Last Saturday night I was eating supper at Sorella's Italian restaurant in Kauneonga Lake and a nice lady came up to me who lives in Syracuse. She told me that she is a faithful reader of my Kenoza Lake news column. So sorry that I didn't get her name but hello to you, whoever you are.
My sympathy to the family of Sal in Kohlertown who passed away a few weeks ago. Sal made delicious pizza. I understand that the restaurant remains open.
I see that Sue Bodenstein's shop, The Secret Garden has moved to the store, next to the Jeffersonville post office. It will be reopening on March 14th.
Have you seen that car commercial with Matthew McConaughey and his Lincoln Aviator SUV? I wonder how many “city people” or people that live down south, appreciate what he is doing? Ice fishing. Also, how many millennials know that the tune that is whistled is from the Andy Griffith show and that the name of the tune is The Fishin' Hole and that Sheriff Andy Taylor and his son Opie walked to at the opening of that famous show from the 60s? I love that commercial.
Tip up! Please don't do anything foolish and try to go ice fishing. It is too dicey and, if you fall through the ice, it jeopardizes the safety of our volunteer firemen, who will be called out to try and save you. Speaking about commercials, my favorite commercial in the Super Bowl was the Ground Hog Day one with Bill Murray and second best, the Google Ad with the husband who has Alzheimer's disease.
Save the date: Ancient Order of Hibernians Sullivan Brothers fundraiser, Saturday, February 22 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Dutch's Tavern in Rock Hill.
My next Kenoza Lake news column will be February 21st.

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