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Saturday, November 28, 2020


America Matters

Oct 22, 2020

To the editor:
I am a passionate American. I love my country and value the Republican principles.
As I reflect on all the craziness over the past four years, I ask myself; what happened to our Republican Party? What happened to their political convictions of freedom and opportunity for all? The true voice has been silenced by our own President himself! Many have become disheartened with Donald Trump's self serving leadership.
As we “tip toe” around political conversations, what we hear most often is, “He will keep our economy strong.” But for whom and at what cost?
The overall strength of our nation is directly related to the person we choose to lead us: one with high moral character, collaborative leadership, honesty and integrity. We need a person we have confidence in and who will communicate effectively to fellow Americans AND to the world.
Many may not agree with Biden on all issues but he will lead our country by choosing unity over division. There are legitimate concerns by Trump that absolutely need to be addressed respectfully and responsibly, without exploitation. We need a president that will make team-centered decisions not self-centered ones.
To become the “America” the entire world can be proud of; the best choice for us is Joe Biden.
America matters to me.
The planet matters to me.
Does it matter to you?

Patti Sonnenschein
Glen Wild

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