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Saturday, November 28, 2020


Elect Gallaigan as our next DA

Oct 22, 2020

To the editor:
As a 56-year member of the Republican committee, I have chosen to support a Democrat, Meagan Galligan, for District Attorney. She graduated magna cum laude from NYU, received her law degree from Georgetown University and is an excellent attorney.
She is a hard worker who has built a reputation working side by side with her police partners in law enforcement. She knows a chief prosecutor's job does not end at the close of business but requires a 24-hour commitment to answer a call and join her law enforcement partners to keep our county safe.
She is highly qualified. During her twelve years of experience in the District Attorney's office she has built an impressive list of accomplishments and success prosecuting some of the most complex and serious cases including People vs Novak in 2017 for first degree murder.
She has exhibited the ability to make the necessary hard decisions showcasing her integrity, decency and moral character. Her exemplary service in the DA's office has led to her promotion to Chief Assistant DA by now County Court Judge Jim Farrell. She was recently appointed acting Sullivan County District Attorney.
The Democratic Party endorsed Meagan Galligan rather than Mr. LaBuda, a fellow long-term Democrat. Mr. LaBuda then changed his registration simply to further his own personal agenda.
I know integrity, decency, education, wisdom, training, experience, and reputation are very important to be a successful and trusted Prosecutor. I know she possesses these necessary traits and will continue to be a great prosecutor as our DA. Remember, the DA has massive powers over life, liberty and property and that is why these personal traits are so important.
The outpouring of support for Meagan Galligan from the law enforcement community is impressive. They find her prepared, firm, fair and trusted to make the right decisions for the safety of Sullivan County.
Her conservative values, proud support of the Second Amendment (she has a pistol permit and a pistol) and her commitment to strictly adhere to upholding the Constitution makes her an outstanding choice for DA.
My long tenure in the Republican party makes me especially proud that our county is safer because of the history of Republican leadership in key law enforcement positions. I believe she, a registered Democrat, has proven she will carry on the work of Jim Farrell, Steve Lungen, Robert C. Williams, Louis B. Scheinman and so many more great Sullivan County DA's.
I wholeheartedly and unequivocally urge you to join me and vote for our acting DA, Meagan Galligan for Sullivan County District Attorney. You will find her on the Democratic, Conservative and Independence lines.

Richard I. Coombe

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