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Saturday, November 28, 2020


Do not let them convince you

Oct 22, 2020

To the editor:
Should Sullivan County's Public Health Services be privatized? A month ago I never thought about it. Today I deeply care that this public service is now slated to be privatized by the Sullivan County Legislature. Our county legislature has put the public health care staff up for sale. Let's stop them from this action.
One month ago an accident left me unable to walk. I live alone and am a senior. I was frantic to figure out how I would cope. Unfortunately Garnet Hospital gave me no home care plan. It was ready to send me home with crutches and well wishes.
Through my own advocacy I found a rehab facility to learn basic survival techniques. They worked with me and kept my stay short by bringing in the Public Health Services. Our taxes pay for this cost effective public benefit. It is easy to take these services for granted when one is not in need for oneself or a loved one.
Sullivan County Public Health Services needs our public support. Do not let the Sullivan County Legislature convince us that by privatizing public health services we will not be affected. Privatized services too easily end up helping those most easy to reach and with the ability to pay.
The Sullivan County Legislature has failed to make public their plan to peel off this public service. Why? When our county legislature protects all individuals rather than only those who can afford quality care, then the legislature has done its true job. Don't let them sell Sullivan County Public Health Services to private business. Don't let them try to convince us that quality of service won't be affected.
My health and those of my neighbors should not be treated as a commodity that may or may not be cost effective to serve. Keep Sullivan County Public Health Services public.

Darlene Midlang

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