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Saturday, November 28, 2020


Galligan has a plan

Oct 22, 2020

To the editor:
As a lifelong Republican, I have predominantly supported Republican candidates. However, on November 3, I, along with my family, will support who we know to be the best candidate for Sullivan County District Attorney. That candidate is currently Sullivan County's Acting District Attorney, Meagan Galligan.
Galligan's opponent is a longtime registered Democrat who changed his party affiliation only after realizing that his own party would not support his nomination as the Democratic candidate. Instead, the Democratic party of Sullivan County has chosen Galligan, the best candidate.
While I respect former Judge LaBuda and am thankful for his service, I will not support his questionable attempt to become our next DA. I easily made that decision at the Republican Nominating Convention earlier this year, not just because the committee members present overwhelmingly chose acting DA Galligan over former Judge LaBuda—it was after listening to both candidates speak that night.
Galligan spoke passionately about the importance of the office of the DA and her role as the Chief Assistant DA for the last eight years. She spoke about her plan to combat opioid abuse, maybe the greatest threat to our County even in the midst of a global pandemic! She spoke about the dangers of New York's recently passed Bail Reform law and how it would (and does) affect the prosecutorial abilities of the DA.
Galligan's opponent, after carrying a large backpack through the crowd and dropping it on the floor in front of the now somewhat anxious listeners, rambled on about the many decisions (purportedly in some publication contained in the backpack), that he had rendered during his time on the bench. I felt as if I was being lectured as to why he “deserves” to be our next DA and that somehow we owe it to him instead of detailing his plan forward if he were to become our next DA.
Galligan has that plan and has shown me why she will continue to be an aggressive prosecutor representing ALL of us as Sullivan County's top law enforcement official.

Tom Bose

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