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Saturday, November 28, 2020


Do your homework

Oct 19, 2020

To the editor:
It's time to send Jen Metzger on her way out of Albany. Her bail reform has put criminals back out on the streets. She has put our law enforcement in a lot of danger out there and everybody's lives at risk with the bail reform she co-sponsored.
Michael Martucci is for our families, farmers and against the bail reform bill. He will work to get that bill changed. He is for safe streets and safe families. Michael Martucci will add jobs to our economy and work to lower our taxes.
Do not believe what Jen Metzger has put out there with those lies about Michael Martucci and those bus accidents. Those buses were photo props not his buses, as you can see in those pictures, none of them say Quality Bus Service LLC.
Michael Martucci would never jeopardize any child out there by putting malfunctioning buses on the road with faulty brakes, exhaust, leaks, etc.
If any of his drivers had a problem with their buses he would have them take another bus to do their routes.
Michael Martucci is past President of the NYS BUS Contractors Association and has come up with safety improvements for busing. Do your homework people, check with the NYS DOT at NYS DMV office. It's time to take back Albany and send Jen Metgzer packing and send those politicians back to school.
So please get out and vote November 3rd, 2020.

Paul Champagne

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