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Wednesday, December 2, 2020


Senator Jen Metzger Fights Lyme Disease

Oct 12, 2020

To the editor:
Far too many residents of the Mid-Hudson have suffered from one of the great ironies of living here: as we enjoy the benefits of the beautiful outdoors, we circulate in the epicenter of Lyme disease.
In our own yards, our parks, our hiking trails, we must be vigilant about checking for ticks and getting treatment when we experience symptoms.
Those who have had tick-borne diseases know how hard it has been to get medical recognition of the problem and to gain public support for research and therapies.
We've been fortunate, then, to have State Senator Jen Metzger (D-Rosendale) fighting for our health. In her position as chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee she has sponsored legislation that directs the Commissioners of Agriculture and Health to manage a public education campaign focused on the risks to farm workers and animals of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, in addition to prevention methods and treatments.
Also, Senator Metzger—herself diagnosed with Lyme five times—successfully fought in 2019 and 2020 to restore $250,000 in funding for public education, prevention, and treatments.
Premier New York research institutions such as the Cary Institute, Cornell Cooperative Extension, SUNY Stonybrook, and the Columbia Medical Center's Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease Research Center no doubt recognize Metzger as a champion of their efforts.
Throughout her career in local and state politics, Jen Metzger has made protecting the environment one of her highest goals. In her fight against Lyme disease, she has brought together two vital quality-of-life concerns: our natural resources and our health.

Tom Denton

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