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Wednesday, March 3, 2021


It's time to move forward

Jan 14, 2021

To the editor:
The 2020 Presidential Election has Concluded, the Electoral College has spoken, results have been ratified. It's time to move forward to build the next chapter in our American Experience, so that our children can be the builders of tomorrow and heirs of our freedoms.
In the days ahead there will be discussion and spirited debate at home, in the classrooms and the halls of government over the issues that our country has faced and those that remain unsolved.
Looking back at all the events that have transpired during the last year, let us remember we are all Democrats, we are all Republicans, that whatever differences we have in views or political beliefs, we should never lift-up the sword against each other, but in the spirit of pluribus Unum cherish with appreciation that out of many we are one.
So united, let us look up and see that our flag is still there for the land of the free and home of the brave. Together let us always strive to keep it that way, for in God we trust.

Kevin Gomez, Esq.

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