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Monday, September 28, 2020



Jan 20, 2020

To the editor:
Kudos to the newly elected members of the Sullivan County Legislature now being chaired by local businessman Rob Doherty, and to the Executive Committee, who rescinded the proposed land deal in Rock Hill last Thursday which would have been the site of a new visitors center. The resolution will now be voted on by the full board.
The former legislators agreed to buy the land valued at $80,000 for a staggering $400,000! During the last election, the voters spoke loud and clear to all the candidates and the deal was rescinded by a vote of 7 to-1 this past week when the new legislators met for the first time after the elections-so an election promise was finally kept.
Plans are now underway to accommodate the needs of the Visitors Association. I would rather the Visitors Association do more to promote and bring much needed resources to our local businesses and organizations in our small river towns rather than build a $4.5 million dollar center.

Paula Campbell

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