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Saturday, November 28, 2020


Catskills Young Farmers Persist with Support of Senator Metzger

Oct 22, 2020

To the editor:
Young farmers in the region are persisting through the COVID-19 pandemic. With gritty resilience, farmers are cultivating a collaborative model of agriculture that centers ecological regeneration, economic viability, and social equity- and doing so despite challenges presented before the crisis's advent.
Specifically, Greater Catskills Young Farmers Coalition members cite access to secure land tenure, capital, health care, infrastructure, markets, technical training, business and financial management education, climate change, affordable housing, and student loan debt as primary obstacles to farming.
Senator Metzger understands that the responsibility of nurturing a model of agriculture that addresses the structural barriers of young farmers in the region should not fall on the shoulders of these individuals. For example, Metzger acted to reduce sales threshold requirements for an agricultural assessment.
Resultantly, Jen is helping keep farmers on the land thus promoting food security, local economic stimulation, and climate change mitigation in the State. Relatedly, Metzger comprehends the gravity of insufficient broadband access preventing farmers from pivoting outlets online. She has been stalwart in efforts to expand broadband while demanding accountability and transparency.
Throughout the pandemic, Metzger has been a leader in bridging the disunity of the region's food system whereby there are consumers struggling to access fresh foods neighboring diversified farms striving to maintain sales.
When invited to participate in the Promoting Racial Equity in the Food System and Agriculture Roundtable, Jen mobilized cohorts in the Senate and Assembly to participate.
Jen is eager to support farmers with a solution-building mindset to generate change through legislation.

Bari Zeiger

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